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Fits:  Glock, SIG P320 & P365, Polymer80, S&W M&P 9/40 & Shield 9/40
MSRP:  $77-$95
Notes:  It’s hard to fathom all the features Tenicor crammed into the appendix-carry specific Velo holster. At first sight, it looks hardly any different than the plethora of thermo-molded pistol scabbards already on the market. But peel back the first layer and you’ll see the shape and profile of the worn holster is smaller and thinner than its competitors. It’s also cut for a red-dot sight. Peel another layer, and you’ll find thoughtful fit and retention features such as the low-profile metal belt clips, muzzle wedge, and built-in Modwing-style belt claw. The latter two work together to tuck the pistol butt into your gut.

Tenicor offers snap loops, but we like the T1 belt clips. We’ve yet to find anything as thin, strong, and secure. In fact, the only thing that annoyed us was the tenacious grip when trying to take the holster off. With only three screw holes for the loops and a 1/2-inch of vertical adjustment in the belt clips, we were dubious we’d be able to dial the fit and presentation. But the limited adjustments provided all the customization we needed to put the gun right where we wanted it. On our G43, we used the highest ride height setting, which gave us two fingers of clearance between the beltline and the pistol grip. We think the Velo is worth a look if you’re carrying up front.


Underground Premium – Guardian w/Mag Pouch – Arc Angel
Fits:  Universal: three sizes available
MSRP:  $70
Notes:  Versacarry started life as the company that made those minimalist holsters that hold a gun using a yellow, polymer post in the barrel. While they still sell the Zerobulk holster, they’ve expanded into more traditional designs. The Underground Premium series holsters are a step up from the company’s standard offerings. This, the upscale version of the outside-the-belt Guardian with mag pouch, features a hand-stitched water buffalo leather body with your choice of a few designs (the Arc Angel version shown, there are others without the religious overtone). The 1.75-inch belt loops will accommodate all but the beefiest war belts.

The holster is a semi-universal fit and comes in three sizes. Size 1 fits a ton of pistols, outliers get size 2 and 3. The size 1 took our 9mm Glock, SIG P320, and even our SIG 229, all providing 99-percent coverage of the trigger guard. Retention is performed by friction, and there’s a lot of it when the holster is new. The buffalo hide is hard, extremely tough and stiff, and we imagine it’ll take a while before it breaks in. Until then, things are tiiiight. We aren’t fans of the strong side reload, but if that’s your thing, more power to ya, and this guy has you covered.

UNCLEMIKES-spyros holster

Uncle Mike’s
Spyros Holster System
Fits:  Just about anything with a light rail
MSRP:  $40 including light
Notes:  We’ll admit our very first holster was a $20 Uncle Mike’s nylon sock disguised as a pistol holster. We didn’t know any better, but we do now and this thing is a disaster. Don’t believe us? It bears the name of a ship that blew up, killing 76 workers and crew while it was in Singapore for repairs. Google it, it’s literally called the Spyros Disaster. But the holster, it’s an incredibly inexpensive light-bearing holster that holds just about any pistol with a light rail. The holster body is a plastic bucket with slots that mate with the included weaponlight. There are four ride height positions on the plastic rigid plastic loops and a plastic arm that applies reverse tension on your belt to keep the system in place. The holster itself isn’t bad, but the light is a fascinating combination of turn-of-the-century features and specs. Real quick — 150 lumens from a scarce CR2 battery that’s held in place by a cap that requires a coin to loosen. The toggle switch is on the left side of the light and is just in reach of the support side index finger, meaning you’re going to have to break your firing grip to turn it on and off. The beam is wide with a bright hotspot in the center. A quick-release lever retains the thing vaguely; the light-to-gun fit doesn’t inspire confidence. On the plus side, the Spyros system is compatible with 200 pistols, but we doubt it’ll hold any of them very well.


Fits:  New fits: FN509, SIG P365, CZ P10C, HK VP9
MSRP:  $80
Notes:  Phlster’s classic holster is indeed a classic. We’re stoked to see the company expand the fit list of this standby to fill a few holes in the lineup. Our FN509 dropped right in and felt at home in the AIWB position. A single, tuckable strut connects to a soft loop, and the simple setup does a fine job of keeping things in place on the beltline. There’s also a claw that exerts pressure on the belt to toe the butt in. The thermo-molded shell is cleaned up nicely and is free of sharp edges. The sweat shield offers some protection for your gun’s finish, and the open bottom will accommodate threaded barrels, comps, and longer slides. The shell’s top is cut to fit slide-mounted optics and the sight channel will work with suppressor height sights.

There’s no retention setting, but the FN509 snaps in place smartly, and stays kept throughout the day. The Classic is comfortable and stays in its place without constant readjustment thanks to its muzzle wedge feature that also reduces printing.

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