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Horsepower, firepower and wicked sharp edges – EraThr3

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If you’ve been following firearms industry news lately you’re aware that Sheri Johnson, longtime partisan and former General Manager of Noveske Rifle Works has moved on to new things. That new company’s name is EraThr3 (pronounced eruh-three).

I talked to Sheri right after receiving a press release titled, ‘Just what is EraThr3 anyway?’ I still had questions.

It was quite the conversation.

“It’s not Fight Club,” she says. “Some people thought we were trying to keep things a secret, but we’re not. EraThr3 is a lifestyle with a company wrapped around it…it really is all the things we love.”

Asked what those things are, she laughed and started making me a list.

Firepower, horsepower, pushing the limits, airplanes, cars, blades and sharp pokey objects, doing epic shit, sushi, good booze, glory, passion, freedom, street bikes, resolve, offroading,  tattooed scandalous women, badassery…”

EraThr3 - horsepower firepower and wicked sharp edges 3Once I realized she wasn't going to slow down I interrupted her recitation. I asked the other obvious, oft-repeated question. “So are you going to build guns?”

“Maybe,” she told me. “At some point, maybe. Eventually. We love the firearms industry and will remain involved with it, but we’re not going to take the traditional path you know? We love to shoot and we train a lot but we’re not doorkickers and we won’t be confined by the traditional ‘tactical’ world. EraThr3 is the embodiment of a more urban approach. We are geared toward an overall lifestyle that includes, but isn’t centered on, firearms. We’ll be reaching out to more than the jocked up badasses covered in MOLLE, as much as we love those guys. Dudes bouncing around in a landrover or in the belly pod of a bush plane are our people too.”

EraThr3 is currently comprised of Johnson, fulfilling the role of COO (she calls herself the COOO – Chief Obnoxious Operating Officer) and two others. They are Sterling Becklin as El Presidente and CEO and Jason Hulst of Hulst Customs in an as-yet-apparently-unnamed “legendary creative/design” role.

EraThr3 - horsepower firepower and wicked sharp edges 1Asked the provenance of the company’s name, Sheri (who makes if very clear she would not have traded her time at Noveske) says, “The name came up at lunch one day when the three of us realized together we’d hit a wall in life and were ready for the next era. EraThr3. It’s us doing what we love, that maybe our previous ventures didn’t allow us to do. We’re back in the garage again…just a little startup company, doing what we love and loving what we do. It’s awesome. What we’re doing embraces the experiences we enjoy.”

EraThr3 - horsepower firepower and wicked sharp edges 5

EraThr3 - horsepower firepower and wicked sharp edges 6

EraThr3 - horsepower firepower and wicked sharp edges 4Their management style is self-described as ‘unorthodox’ and ‘heretical’.

“We find nothing wrong with having a good glass of whisky in the middle of the day,” their formal release reads, “and returning to work after sobering up. We absolutely plan on partnering and doing awesome projects with cool people.”

Asked what kind of projects those would be (if not firearms) and who they’d be made for, she laughed again. “We’ll be making rad gear,” she said. “It will branch out across a lot of demographics. Skaters, motorcross lovers, runners, crossfitters, fighters, bikers, shooters, soldiers, pilots, climbers, hikers, inked up hotties and drivers who churn up all the smoke with their tires—you know, why should we focus on one type of person when EraThr3 can be represented by anyone who will accept a challenge?”

EraThr3 - horsepower firepower and wicked sharp edges 8EraThr3 will apparently begin its lineup with a focus on packs and apparel, moving quickly on to knives, other gear and “gorgeous, wicked sharp” custom knives (she would not give away any additional details, though I tried getting her to be more specific). The first thing out of the gate will be a bag line for EDC/CCW/EDR. It will launch in October and will be, as she describes it, “A total bag of tricks for your daily carry, then soon you’ll have apparel and accessories to complement your daily adventures. We want to see our kit at the range, on the summit and on the streets.”

She also has a warning in advance.

“Nothing we do will be cheap. That doesn’t mean it won’t be reasonably priced, but these will be high end, purpose driven products with a unique look. It costs money to design and build top of the line gear out of kick ass materials.”

EraThr3 is about horsepower, firepower and wicked sharp edges. The symbolism lies on several levels.

If you want to know more, you can find EraTh3 on Facebook here: or follow them on Instagram, #EraThr3.

EraThr3 - horsepower firepower and wicked sharp edges 7

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