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Hot Shots 2013 Calendar 3rd and 4th Models (video)

Hot Shots has introduced their 3rd and 4th models for their 2013 Calendar, Kelly Hall and Sam Cooke. If you missed our post on the video of the first two models click HERE.

You can still buy the 2012 calendar, posters and cards at

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One response to “Hot Shots 2013 Calendar 3rd and 4th Models (video)”

  1. DALE OSMUN says:

    re HK auto fubar


    Stand your ground!
    Sure, it would be nice to own this own this thing, but it’s really HK’s stance to limit its distribution; besides there is plenty of other good stuff to choose from.

    It’s too bad that folk like Magpul are ready to bail at the first percieved slight of A2.
    We should all be sitting at a round table like the knights of old, not ready to jump to the otherside of a square table and take sides.

    I only hope this wound will heal, ’cause I finally discovered a gun mag I can get into.
    (Like AFAR or Garden and Gun.) It’s got an aesthetic I can appreciate.

    1.More like the NFA article and focusing on the maze of state regs.
    2. Reviews of premier shoot places like Thunder Ranch.
    3. More profiles of premier teachers like “the beard”.
    4. Gun travel. Like how to get over the border legally with your kit and shoot at some awesome destination.
    5. Reviews/ comparisons of convertible caliber carbines like Rob Arms XCR, LMT, and a small North Carolina shop Templar Custom, etc.

    Damn the torpedoes man! Full speed ahead!

    Your gonzo,
    Hunter S Gatherer

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