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HOW TO: Hunting from a Layout Blind

Every game has shortcuts for efficiency- hunting is no different. Not being experts in hunting fowl, we gained insight from someone who is. Neal Hunt, President and CEO of Soar No More Decoys, walks us through how he sets up in a layout blind.

We hunted pigeons using the Final Approach layout blind that Neal is using. The layout blind was more comfortable than expected. The backrest is effortless to adjust and supportive; you don't feel like you're laying on the ground. And, the flexible netting that covers your face is easy to see through, but rigid enough to not distract from spotting birds.

final approach x lander blind

In this blind I have: a shotgun, about 200 rounds of ammo, a bottle of water, gummy snakes, one camera body, two lenses, a GoPro Hero5 attached to a bump helmet, and a mid-sized Coach purse. This blind has enough room- to say the least.

While inside the blind, you can move internal pouches which are attached with velcro. This is beneficial for shooters who may be lefties and are forced to live in a right-handed world. No matter which hand you prefer to reload your shotgun with, the blind does not discriminate. This layout blind is lightweight and easy to load into the truck or carry to different locations.

Name: The Original X-Land'r Layout Blind
Made by: Final Approach
MSRP: $279.95 – $307.95
Features and Benefits: Lifetime Warranty, zippered storage under the backrest for carrying gear, backpack straps, and low profile thanks to a minimum frame
Size: 26 inches wide, 90 inches long, and 14 inches high
Weight: 12 lbs.

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Final Approach X Lander


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