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Hunter Spotlight: Kristy Titus

Photo credit: Kristy Titus

In preparation for CARNIVORE 2 hitting stands on August 24th, we're featuring hunters who share our passion for everything that leads up to putting food on the table. We welcome the hard work, accept and learn from errors, and then rejoice when we connect and put game in the freezer. If you're interested in being featured in this Hunter Spotlight series, please email [email protected]



RECOIL: Tell us about your first hunt.
KT: As a kid, my dad would pop in a VHS tape and watch his favorite elk hunting episodes while practicing his elk calling technique in our living room. At that point in my life, it was beyond comprehension that what he was practicing would actually draw in a rutting bull elk to archery range.

When I was 13 years old, I watched my dad’s living room practice sessions pay off during a public land, DIY elk hunt in Idaho. He used his old school bugle to chuckle in a spike and 5×5 bull Elk. The 5×5 came in screaming head tipped back, chasing off the spike, and then charging towards at less than 30 yards away.

I didn’t pull the trigger on that bull but I consider it to be my first in many ways as it changed my life forever. And, my dad and I still experience the thrill of elk hunting together every year.

RECOIL: What was your favorite hunt and why?
KT: When it comes to hunting, I love venturing into territory that is virtually untouched by man. Hunting land that is as it has always been, large expansive landscapes where the terrain is raw- truly wild. There is a purity found in places like that and it cleanses the soul. Out there you are completely self-reliant. The decisions that you make in your gear and your physical preparedness are literally your lifeblood. It is absolutely intoxicating.

Kristy Titus 2

RECOIL: What is the one piece of gear is your “must-need” for every hunt (other than your weapon)?
KT: In the back county, you depend on your feet to take you to the highest of peaks, so good hunting boots are a must; I wear Cabela’s Meindl Denali’s. Your clothing becomes your shelter from the elements, so I wear Kryptek because it is battlefield to backcountry tested.

RECOIL: Is there anything else you would like included, i.e. public lands, types of hunting, etc… or anything you're passionate about?
KT: Hunting is still relevant in today’s society and culture. Now more than in any other time in history, there needs to be an understanding by everyone of the importance of conservation and our hunting heritage. This is not just for the provision of meat for the table, but how hunters are working hard to improve, conserve, enhance and fund more land projects that are directly benefitting wildlife and wild places than any other group or organization in the world.

There is a big disconnect in our culture from the land and the wildlife that calls it home. Many urban city kids that have never seen the stars in the sky let alone know the feeling of waking up at 4 am for a hunt. This reconnection to the land is the key to ensure the future of our time-honored traditions and the relevancy of hunting in today’s ever-changing world.

Going to the grocery store to purchase meat is not the only way to provide for a family- the value and lessons that come from the hunt are priceless. Inspire, educate and mentor- we must reach the non-hunters of the world and educate them on the value of hunting, for the entire family, for the economic benefit to our nation and how hunters are truly the first crusaders in conservation. The growing involvement of women and youth is the key to the success of our future.

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