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Breach Bang Clear would like you to remember we are still at war, and to help fun a scholarship in this young man’s name. He is Sgt. Shawn Michael Farrell. he was Killed In Action approximately 3 weeks ago in Afghanistan. There, as part of the 10TH Mountain Division 3RD Brigade Combat Team (A-Co, 1-32), Sgt. Farrell was part of a team that was ambushed from multiple positions while supporting an ODA of the 3RD Special Forces Group. Sgt. Farrell spent approximately 2 hours of a TIC (Troops In Contact) behind a Mk 47 atop a vehicle that was “shot all to hell.” He went trough several cans of ammunition until eventually the weapon malfunctioned. Sgt. Farrell transitioned to a SAW and exposed himself above the vehicle’s “chicken plate” to engage multiple hostiles. He was hit by a rifle round through his arm and into his chest. His final words to the soldiers around him were “I got him.

Soldiers of the 3RD Special Forces Group extoll Sgt. Farrell’s actions that day, describing him as a warrior and asking Art 15 Clothing to help raise money for the scholarship Mrs. Allison Farrell (Sgt. Farrell’s widow) has set up in his name.

I Got Him - SMFs team on the ground

The shirt features his initials “SMF” on the front with the date he was KIA.  On the back is the Gold Star signifying a combat loss, a scroll with his last quote, and the combat goat head for his service supporting 3rd Special Forces Group.

Purchase a shirt for $20 here. Read more of Sgt. Farrell’s story here.Sgt Shawn Michael Farrell Memorial Shirt

It isn’t done over there, and it won’t be for a while. Remember them in your thoughts and prayers; they’re still fighting.

I Got Him - Sgt Shawn Michael Farrell 2

I Got Him - Sgt Shawn Michael Farrell

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