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I like big guns and I cannot lie: First Look at the Glock G40

I really do like big guns — it made me very happy indeed to get “eyes on” the Glock 40 and begin taking it to the range.
Glock's G40

Not everyone was as happy to see the G40 as I. They were expecting something else. Remember back in January, when all eyes were on the Glock booth? All the anticipation for a single stack 9mm or a factory made 22 long rifle? It made sense after all ;if the 22 was chambered in 40, wouldn’t it be poetic (and consistent) to chamber the 40 in 22? Some folks were looking for a carbine of some sort, and many walked away pouting when they discovered this year’s new pistol was a 10mm sporting the new MOS slide.

Not me.

I was one of those who were intrigued with the long slide 10mm. Many of us have been packing a G20 since the early 90s. A real full sized 10mm sounded like a pistol that would do the round some justice.

Does a 10mm fired from a 6" Glock=the power of a 41 Magnum fired from a 3" revolver?

Does a 10mm fired from a 6″ Glock = the power of a 41 Magnum fired from a 3″ revolver?

The G40 is alleged to be the most powerful Glock in existence, with ballistics being reported as a lower end 41 Magnum due to the longer barrel. Does that extra 1.5” really make that much of a difference?

Glock's G40

Glock’s G40

Rumor has it that the recoil is extremely mild for this caliber due to the longer barrel and slide. Is that just hype, or is it true?

Glock lists this in the “sporting category”, yet 10mm is not really a round that comes to mind for any shooting sport outside of hunting. Could it be used in a defensive role, say in the wilds of Alaska or Montana?

10mm and the mighty 41 Magnum

10mm and the mighty 41 Magnum

I’ll be taking a more in depth look at this monster sized Glock and will return with the lowdown, but I can tell you this much — I’m damn sure not disappointed so far.

G40, G20 and thw G42

G40, G20 and thw G42

In the meantime, you can check out all the factory info here:

Post any questions or concerns you might have in the comments so I can try to address them.

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