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Curated Content: If the Zombie Apocalypse Happens Tomorrow, You’ll Need This Ax

When you think of an on-the-go survival tool, a Swiss Army Knife or Leatherman might come to mind. Yet these popular tools can come up short in at least one crucial category. This Off-Grid Survival Axe dwarfs your pocket knife and most other mainstream survival tools when it comes to both power and functionality. Despite its simple use, it also offers a slew of life-saving and practical tools.


The ax's main feature is, of course, its all-steel head—used for cutting rope, chopping wood, or anything else requiring more power than a multitool blade. Yet this ax is much more than a giant blade. There's a hammer, pry bar, sharpened hook, nail puller, hex wrench, folding Sawzall blade, can and bottle openers, strap cutter, and more. It even features a glass-breaker on the bottom of its handle for extreme situations. The best part is that it's now on sale for 25 percent off—get it here today.

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