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AR cleaning kits are a dime a dozen, but AK owners finally get some love with the RealAvid AK cleaning kit. The kit comes with all the 7.62mm bore brushes, swabs, and scrapers you'll need to clean your AK like a proper Ukrainian farmboy. It features a double-ended chamber brush that'll reach into the chamber and a scraper made especially for the contours of the AK bolt and piston. The gear, plus a bunch of patches, all store neatly in a compact, zippered case that might keep you from losing something. Maybe.

Make: Real Avid
Model: Gun Boss AK47 Cleaning Kit
MSRP: $111


This is no coffee table book. Iannamico has collected the history, facts, and photos of nearly every variant of the AK-47 produced. Worried the Yugo you bought might actually be a Romanian WASR? Look up the markings. Aside from an exhaustive explanation of each AK variant broken down by country of origin, information about the rifle's development, production and use, along with breakouts on subjects such as COMBLOC rifle accessories, mags, bayonets, and cans make this the absolutely definitive source of info about the AK.

Make: AK-47: The Grim Reaper 2nd Edition
Model: by Frank Iannamico
Number of pages: 1,100
MSRP: $70


We were looking for a way to bring an AKM project gun into the 21st century without the need to permanently modify the rifle. We found Troy Industries' AK47 M-LOK handguard and top rail combination provided the accessory and optic mounting points needed. The railed gas tube fits like a stock tube, but Troy uses a locknut to secure it between the gas block and the front trunion. The short bottom AK-47 bottom rail gives a rounded grip that'll feel familiar to many AR shooters used to modern, free-float handguards. The lower rail connects to the sling loop plate and is held fast by a pair of large set screws that jam the handguard into the trunion. Overall, it's a solid setup that installs in minutes on most AK variants.

Make: Troy Industries
Model: AK47 Top Rail and M-LOK Bottom Rail
Bottom Rail Lengths: 10 or 13.5 inches
MSRP: $150 Top, $125/$140 Bottom


ALG Defense dropped jaws with the release of the AKT last year. The Pennsylvania-made trigger destroyed the idea that pulling an AK trigger has to feel like breaking a green tree branch. The company pushed ahead and has now released a set of high-performance springs for the AK. The AK Recoil Spring will outlast a stock spring thanks to a couple of dead coils and some heavy math. And, ALG says its High Energy Main Spring produces 25-percent more torque than a stock main spring for more consistent primer ignition and lower lock times. ALG is also working hard on a follow-on to its AKT trigger; the soon-to-be-released AKT-E trigger will have a more durable, action-enhancing coating along with slight changes in geometry that result in an even crisper feel than the original AKT.

Make: ALG Defense
Model: AK Recoil Spring & High Energy Main Spring
MSRP: $12/$9.50


Thirty rounds are great for go time, but any admin rifle work with an AK can be made easier by reducing the size of the donkey dick AK magazine. Zeroing from a bench, stowing a truck gun, or running an underfolder, Magpul's 20-round AK/AKM magazines present compact, durable, and reliable alternatives to COMBLOC mags. They feature a stainless steel spring, a textured surface for positive manipulation, and interchangeable baseplates. We're also showing a five-pack of Magpul's new, optional Sand baseplates that're easily customized with RIT dye for quick identification of empties on the firing line.

Make: Magpul
Model: PMAG 20 AK/AKM MOE & Sand Baseplates
MSRP: $13 (Plates $11/5)


The original jerry can, so named after the Allies nickname for German soldiers in WWII, is a monument to fine engineering. The can is so good at its job that it's still used today, and very little has changed about it since it was put in use back in 1939. The iconic shape has recently taken on a new mission, though, as a bespoke mini-bar. Danish Fuel rejuvenates military surplus fuel cans by cutting them open then sandblasting, powdercoating, and adding shelves and hardware to accommodate a few bottles of booze, some tumblers, and a few drink making accessories. It comes in several colors with your choice of walnut or oak shelving. Let's jump on this one before the skinny jean crowd sees it. Made in Denmark.

Make: Danish Fuel
Model: Bar Cabinet
Cool Factor: Ridiculously high
MSRP: $680


If you're married to the SCAR 17, the situation may call for converting to AK calibers and COMBLOC mags. Enter Handl Defense with their MK17 line to convert the SCAR 17-type rifles to 7.62×39 and 5.45×39, although it's anticipated by the company that .260 Rem, 5.56×45, 7.62×51, and 300 BLK will be added to the lineup late this year. Handl will be offering a complete rifle as well as a complete conversion package. It'll include a complete trigger module, complete barrel with HD handguard, caliber specific bolt, universal BCG, and recoil assembly, so customers have the option to convert their existing SCAR 17S or purchase a whole new rifle. According to the company, end users should be able to do the conversion themselves, and the package will include all the necessary parts.

Make: Handl Defense
Model: HD MK-17 AK Trigger Module
MSRP: Not available at press time


The Knight's Armament Company Precision Bipod is the toe-touching yoga beast of rifle supports. With as much movement as this little guy is capable of, POA adjustment isn't a hassle thanks to few well-placed controls that adjust tension, cant, yaw, and leg height with easily manipulated buttons and levers. The unit mounts on any pic rail with a sliding QD mechanism, and it comes with a set of aggressive serrated feet that'll hold fast on most surfaces; pop the stock feet out and slap in a set of Atlas rubber feet or spikes (not included) for grip on other surfaces.

Make: Knight's Armament Company
Model: Precision Bipod
Bipod Adjustment Height: 6.875 to 9.25 inches
MSRP: $437


Born from the maker's time in the service, these finely machined stainless steel chillers replace the (likely) carcinogenic tank parts the guys behind Battle-Rattle once used to chill their scotch. Even if you're not trying to avoid flashbacks to time spent in the desert drinking warm water from leaky water buffalos, you'll still appreciate the unadulterated flavor of your drink by skipping the ice cubes and dropping a couple of these babies in your evening retreat. You can order the chillers in sets that combine tiny flashbangs, frags, mortar rounds, tank rounds, anti-vehicle mines, and tracked vehicle sprockets.

Make: Battle-Rattle
Model: Whisky Chillers
Material: Stainless Steel
MSRP: $80/set



You still love your first .223 Rem AR-15. But, let's say you've since grown and explored the world of calibers available in that wonderfully adaptable AR platform. Now your magazine collection is as shameful as a middle-aged woman's shoe collection. RZE's Unimag claims to help by taking the place of seven different mags with the use of its tilting follower and pinched, stainless steel, magazine body. Even if you've only got a few uppers in the array of ammo RZE says the mag will handle, the Unimag could reduce the space and attention needed to maintain a small herd of magazines. We've just gotten a sample at press time, so look for a range report on after you read this.

Make: RZE
Model: Unimag
Caliber Compatibility: 5.45×39, .223 Rem, 300 BLK, 7.62×39, 6.5 Grendel, 6.8 SPC, 458 SOCOM, .50 Beowolf
MSRP: $40


For years, anyone showing up to the range with an optic fastened to the AK's dust cover was subjected to well-deserved derision, as the stamped sheetmetal is as robust as a politician's morals. As a means to cover up the bolt carrier, it works slightly better than wet cardboard, but is just about useless as an optics mounting platform. Texas Weapon Systems addresses all of these shortcomings with a dust cover that not only is hogged out of aluminum bar stock, but is secured very tightly at both ends by precision machined steel hardware. In fact, once installed it's probably the stiffest component on any stamped AK, barrel included. We bolted one up to a Yugo N-PAP and gained not only the lowest rail possible for a red dot, but also the longest sight radius with the optional back up peep. Two thumbs up. Shown with optional Rear Peep Sight.

Make: Texas Weapon Systems
Model: Dog Leg Rail Gen-3
MSRP: $170

Garmin's Tactix Bravo will attract anyone in the big watch/big function crowd, but it was purpose built for camo-wearing problem solvers. For anyone who grew up with a tape deck and a poster of Pamela Anderson on his bedroom wall, it's nuts to think that Garmin can shove a navigation computer in a wrist watch. But, that's where we are, and Garmin is on v2 of its military-grade wrist-top plugger/workout partner. This one's got a non-reflective black PVD case, night vision readability, sapphire glass, daily location logging, GLONASS and GPS compatibility, advanced workout recording, and it can control Garmin's line of action cameras via Bluetooth. All that and I bet you'll think the coolest thing about it is that throwback analog display. We do.

Make: Garmin
Model: Tactix Bravo
Battery Life: Watch: 6 weeks, Tracking: 50 hours, Navigation: 20 hours
MSRP: $600



New York City knife-maker Liong Mah designed several popular models for Columbia River Knife & Tool (including the Journeyer, as seen in this issue's “Unusual Suspects” column). But he also crafts fine tools under his own brand, Liong Mah Designs. The Remedy is one such example. Its blade is 3.75 inches long and made of S35VN, a premium stainless steel that's incredibly tough, easy to sharpen, and fights off corrosion like a boss. It's also expensive, hence the knife's price. But when you consider the Remedy's handle and pocket clip are made from 3D-sculpted titanium, the price makes sense. With a good feel in hand and a smooth flipper opening, the Remedy could very well be your everyday-carry solution – if you have the scratch.

Make: Liong Mah Designs
Model: Remedy
MSRP: $300


The CG1 from 9 Line Tactical isn't your granddaddy's trifold wallet. In fact, it doesn't fold at all. Made of aluminum with stainless steel screws, the CG1 can block radio-frequency ID signals to protect your personal data and has a patent-pending internal spring that can hold up to 10 cards. Weighing 4 ounces and about the size of a thick smartphone, the wallet also has a pocket clip that can double as a money clip if you prefer to separate your cash and cards. The CG1 is available in all sorts of colors and materials – from carbon fiber and titanium to a flat dark earth model with Punisher skull. Keep in mind, the premium accouterments cost extra.

Make: 9 Line Tactical
Model: CG1 Tactical Wallet
MSRP: Starting at $55


If you either don't want to spend the time learning the idiosyncrasies of an AK trigger, or simply want all of your long guns to feel like a high-end AR, then perhaps you might like to consider the CMC drop-in trigger for your gat. Contained within a robust, cast-and-machined housing, it enlists elements of both east and west and results in a 3-pound rollover break with a 1/8-inch reset. Which may actually be too light for 7.62 rifles, unless of course you want to impress all your friends with a little bump fire rock and roll. Installation is no more involved than swapping out Stoner's bang switch, and can be accomplished in less than one beer.

Make: CMC Triggers
Model: AK-47 Trigger Kit
MSRP: $225

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