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REVISITED: Incoming Issue 11

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REVISITED: Incoming Issue 11


Looking to add a quick-detach swivel to your long-gun? Not enough, or any, Picatinny rail for your light and laser? Kill two birds with one stone with the Hogue Extreme Series Picatinny Cuff. Made of aluminum, the cuff fits on any standard 2-inch fore-end tube and provides a secure mounting platform for a sling and various accessories.

Brand: Hogue
Model: Extreme Series Picatinny Cuff
MSRP: $100



Metallic Cartridge Handloading: Pursuit of the Perfect Cartridge is not an instructional manual. It's an authoritative source on all things reloading and covers everything from improving casings and seating primers to bullet casting and internal ballistics. Written by Mic McPherson, this 425-page softcover includes hundreds of photos and drawings.

Brand: Safari Press
Model: Metallic Cartridge Handloading: Pursuit of the Perfect Cartridge
MSRP: $40



As usual, RECOIL gets hands on the innovative gear first, and we've been playing with Tac-Con 3MR Trigger for a while now. At first glance it's a drop-in AR trigger module with a crisp 4.5-pound break. Flick the selector to the third position, though, and the bolt carrier assists the trigger to reset off of the disconnector, resulting in faster split times. To achieve near cyclic rates, you have to modify your grip and loosen up on the gun — mash the trigger to the rear and you won't see any benefit over a good single-stage trigger, such as a JP or Hiperfire.

Brand: Tac-Con
Model: 3MR Trigger
MSRP: $495



Those who prefer discreet carry will want to take note of the new ToT Bag (short for Trick or Treat). Like a messenger bag on HGH, the ToT Bag can carry a broken-down M4 or a fully assembled PDW with additional space for mags and accessories. There's also an admin section, a laptop compartment, and a PALS-compatible interior. The large version is 22.5 x 12 x 6 inches and weighs 5 pounds. The medium version is 18 x 12 x 5 inches and weighs 4 pounds. Made by Sneaky Bags from 1,000-denier Cordura, the ToT Bag is available in black, charcoal, coyote, and navy.

Brand: Sneaky Bags
Model: ToT Bag
MSRP: $220 large, $195 medium



Combining an AR-15 front sight with a 250-lumen Malkoff Devices lighthead, the SL1 Sight Light from Rosch Works takes up minimal space on your rail and offers enough illumination for most tactical situations. It is O-ring sealed and Cerakoted, and it survived being slammed against barricades at the range with no loss of zero.

Brand: Rosch Works
Model: SL1 Sight Light
MSRP: $235



This ain't a toy. If you missed our feature story on airguns in Issue 8, you might not realize that airguns offer realistic training and can even be an ideal SHTF tool. This GI Model 1911BBb approximates the weight and blowback of John M. Browning's classic pistol, allowing you to practice draws, sight alignment, and shooting around barriers — all without dipping into your firearm ammo supplies. It's powered by CO2, shoots BBs up to 450 feet per second, and has detachable grips.

Brand: Crosman Corporation
Model: GI Model 1911BBb
MSRP: $90



The RS series weapon sight from FLIR is the latest release from the company that turns jihadis into ghostly white images, usually as a precursor to their subsequently turning into pink mist. With six models in the lineup, there should be an option to fit the needs of every hardcore hog hunter or prepared individual. We've tried other civilian thermal scopes and found they had problems in achieving and maintaining zero. The RS64 1-4 ThermoSight is intuitive, robust, and has an excellent feature set. As expected, we found the 4x digital zoom a little grainy, but that was the only niggle on an otherwise excellent piece of kit.

Brand: FLIR Systems
Model: RS64 1-4 ThermoSight
MSRP: starting at $3,500



Get a grip. But one that reflects your Viking fighting spirit. VZ Grips has teamed up with badass designer Andrew Bawidamann to create two lines of custom 1911 grips made from G-10: Ragnarok and Walkure. They come in black gray or dirty olive. Carbon-fiber versions are available for $99.

Brand: VZ Grips
Model: Bawidamann Designer Series 1911 Grips
MSRP: $65 (G-10), $99 (carbon-fiber)

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