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REVISITED: Incoming Issue 13

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REVISITED: Incoming Issue 13


Every now and then an invention comes along that results in a forehead-slapping moment. The ELSA (Emergency Life Saving Armor) plate carrier is a low-profile means of carting around a pair of plates and spare ammo for use in an “Oh shit!” event. It looks like a regular laptop case until you unzip it to let the two halves flop open, ready for you to pull it over your head. We tested it with a set of rectangular Level IIIA plates from DKX Armor and a pair of full PMAGs. The whole shebang weighs in at just 7 pounds. Made in the USA.martinson-industries-llc-elsa

Brand: Martinson Industries, LLC
Model: ELSA
MSRP: $400



Tired of the long wait times and callused thumbs from loading magazines by hand? This device might help. After just a few practice runs, you can work the Caldwell AR Mag Charger like a chimpanzee on meth, loading 50 rounds in no time at all. In our testing, the Mag Charger was at its best with factory ammo boxes or plastic storage containers that align with its hopper. If you're fishing loose rounds out of an ammo can and prepping them to go in the Caldwell, you might find yourself wondering how much time you're actually saving. But it sure is fun to crank out mags!

Brand: Caldwell Shooting Supplies
Model: AR Mag Charger
MSRP: $90



With Bravo Concealment's recently released DOS Holster, your gun will be out of sight, but never out of the fight. Abbreviated from Drop Out of Sight, the DOS is an inside-the-waistband model, made out of durable 0.06-inch Kydex, and can be used with soft belt loops or belt clips. You can adjust the height and cant to wear it anywhere on your beltline, though it's ideal for appendix carry. Available in black and coyote brown and for a wide variety of handguns.

Brand: Bravo Concealment
Model: DOS Holster
MSRP: $70



Get a little tactical at your next family BBQ with the Beer Bottle Koozie. This little guy is armed with a neoprene liner and bottom, a 500-denier Cordura exterior for durability, and a zipper for quick reloading of your favorite 12-ounce drink. There's also a patch of Velcro for name tapes and morale patches as well as elastic loops to house dummy rounds for decorative purposes. (Note: guns and booze do not mix. Never drink before or during shooting.)

Brand: Fight and Flight Tactical
Model: Koozie
MSRP: $18



Gun maintenance isn't the sexiest topic, but it's certainly an important one — lest your firearm let you down when you need it most. RamRodz Gun Swabs aim to help you in this regard. Looking like Q-Tips juiced up on Sylvester Stallone supplements, they're faster and more thorough than patches at cleaning bores, slides, receivers, and other parts. Their 8-inch bamboo handles flex without breaking, while the swabs are made of industrial-grade, low-lint cotton. Plus, RamRodz are disposable and biodegradable. They come in varying amounts depending on the caliber: .22, .38/9mm, .40, .45 and .50. There's also an 800-swab bag of smaller breech cleaners, too.

Brand: RamRodz Inc.
Model: RamRodz Gun Swabs
MSRP: $10



Whether you're in a dire off-grid situation or just need to boost your dying Android at the range, the Tactical powermonkey extreme is a hardcore source of portable electricity. This rugged charger is not only solar-powered, but also waterproof and shock resistant. Its lithium polymer battery can charge 5-volt gadgets (e.g. handheld GPS unit) three to six times or 12-volt devices (e.g. satellite phone) two times. To recharge its battery, use the USB cable, the international mains charger, or the solar panel. The panel is lightweight, so you can strap it to your pack during a hike or leave it out in the sun at basecamp while you venture about. Packed with groundbreaking features, including an LCD screen and a unique one-touch friction swipe on/off control. Everything fits conveniently in a Blue Force Gear pouch, which comes in coyote brown — and black or MultiCam via special order.

Brand: Powertraveller
Model: Tactical powermonkey extreme
MSRP: $240



It's time to show off your sexy gams this summer with the Force 10 AC Cargo Short. Its Amphibious Cloth is 100-percent nylon with durable water repellent, making it lightweight, breathable, and quick-drying. The gusseted crotch, reinforced seat, and double and triple stitching offer toughness and freedom of movement. It's loaded with pockets and discreet features, like two hidden passport pockets.

Brand: Triple Aught Design
Model: Force 10 AC Cargo Short
MSRP: $75



Combining a polymer frame with Hogue's patented OverMolded rubber, this new collapsible AR-15 buttstock provides an anti-rattle design and adjustability for different lengths of pull with a comfortable cheek rest and a cushiony butt-pad to absorb recoil. It has several sling mounts for different carry options. The OverMolded rubber comes in black, desert tan, Ghillie green, Ghillie tan, olive drab, pink, and red lava. Comes in Mil-spec and commercial sizes and made in the USA.

Brand: Hogue, Inc.
Model: OverMolded Collapsible Buttstock
MSRP: $60 for black ($70 for colors)



We love guns. We love bacon. And we love creative designs. So, naturally we love this graphic T-shirt, which features a cute little boar and a couple of 5.56mm rounds. The Bacon Maker it refers to is a series of AR-15 rifles manufactured by Underground Tactical Arms, based in Austin, Texas. Made of 100-percent combed ring-spun cotton, the shirt is super soft, comfy, and available in black, gray, olive, and white. Also available in women's sizes in additional colors.

Brand: Underground Tactical Arms
Model: Bacon Maker T-shirt
MSRP: $18

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