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This article originally appeared in RECOIL Issue 40

We’re warning you, if you want a set of these special edition SK8-Hi Notchback Pros in MultiCam Black, stop reading this right now and hit the URL below. They’re going to sell out faster than toilet paper before a snowstorm. We have no idea why TP and snowfall are so intertwined, but we do know that every time Vans collaborates with DEFCON, the resulting shoes end up on eBay for about five times the list price. These sneakers are equipped with fireproof Wolverine Warrior suede, a waterproof treatment on upper, DRi-LEX lining, Vans Ultracush HD footbeds with custom artwork, and reinforced reverse lug tread pattern outsole. Whether you’re kicking in doors, kicking ollies, or kicking back beers, these DEFCON Notchbacks have you covered.

Make: DEFCON & Vans

Model: SK8-Hi Notchback Pro

MSRP: $138



What’s better than a 10-round AICS mag for your box-fed precision rifle? A 12-round mag that’s the same size as a 10-rounder. MDT’s 12-rounder is ¾-inch shorter than a standard AICS mag thanks to the company’s “double stack to single feed” transition design, so adding that ¾-inch back in adds two more rounds. The mag is available in two configurations, one with a binder plate for standard length cartridges (2.870 inches max COAL) and one without it to accommodate longer rounds (2.960 inches max COAL). If you’re unsure which version to get, go for the binder plate. Mags without the binder may require an action with more clearance, otherwise the tips of rounds may get hung up during feeding.

Make: Modular Driven Technologies

Model: 12-Round Short Action Metal Magazines

MSRP: $80



As you’d expect, the pitch for 5.11 Tactical’s new Geo7 camo pattern is filled with sciency chatter such as macro and micro disruption, mimetic coloration, and scalable concealment. But, what it comes down to, really, is that it looks pretty cool. Geo7 Terrain is a greenish-tannish pattern that’ll blend in across a range of wooded and semi-arid environments. Geo7 Night, shown, is more of a “Hey, we want to look martial, but we don’t go in the woods at all” look for urban tactical teams. The new patterns will be available on uniform apparel and armor systems. 5.11 sent us a sample in the form of its Boonie cover made of lightweight poly/cotton ripstop fabric with a water repellent finish, ventilation eyelets and a wicking sweatband.

Make: 5.11 Tactical

Model: Boonie Hat Geo7 Night

MSRP: $25



Geissele’s Super 700 might be the most adjustable Remington 700-compatible trigger on the market. The design is an outgrowth of Geissele’s work on the Navy/USMC’s Mk 13 platform. The trigger runs as either a one or two-stage trigger, with the ability for the end-user to switch between the two options with an Allen key. Adjustments include first stage weight, second stage weight (when configured as a 2-stage trigger), sear engagement, and overtravel. Aside from being able to tune all aspects of the trigger, the Super 700 has a three-point safety that locks the trigger shoe, the transfer bar, and the mechanism itself. With all this adjustability, configurability, and safety, this thing could be one trigger that fills every rifle roll from sniper to competitor to hunter.

Make: Geissele Automatics

Model: Super 700 Trigger

CONFIGURATION: Works as both single-stage and two-stage

ADJUSTMENT RANGE: 12 ounces to 3.5 pounds

MSRP: $250



Holiday shopping sucks, so here are a few gift ideas made by tactical artisans Andrew Bawidamann and Ryan Johnson that’ll keep you out of the mall this holiday season. Bawidamann’s flame-colored, titanium Sugar Shivs are back this year and ready to hang on your Christmas tree, or around your neck with the included neck sheath. If a candy cane has too many calories for your special someone, there’s Bawidamann’s Archangel Michael Protective Pendants. These elegant little pendants can be worn alone or paired with a set of dog tags and come in a variety of colors and metals including cartridge brass, titanium, and copper. And alternative, but just as beardy, is RMJ’s handmade stainless steel Raven pendant. The design is taken from a Viking coin as an homage to Odin’s ravens Huginn and Muninn.

Make: Bawidamann Shenanigans and RMJ Tactical

Model: Pendants and Titanium / Holiday Sugar Shivs

MSRP: $75-125

URL: /


The PyroVault is body armor for your Zippo. Some might see this as overkill, but for those who go into harm’s way daily or venture to inhospitable lands for fun, the PyroVault is the ideal supplement to the iconic windproof lighter. After all, a reliable source of fire can be a lifesaver in survival situations. It’s made out of heat-resistant reinforced polymer, weighs less than an ounce, and accepts any Zippo-style lighter insert (fluid or butane). It retains Zippo’s one-handed operation with a spring-loaded cap, but upgrades the lighter’s portability with a low-pro PALS webbing clip so you can attach it to your kit. Plus, its O-ring keeps water out while reducing fuel evaporation. Made in the USA. For an additional $14, you can also receive a custom Zippo with Thyrm’s powder coated logo on it. Made in the USA.

Make: Thyrm

Model: PyroVault

MSRP: $30 without lighter, $44 with lighter



Adding accessories to your latest AR-15 build is a love/hate thing. After all, anything you install is going to add weight. As the saying goes, ounces equal pounds and pounds equal pain. So, if you’re looking to keep your rifle as low carb as possible, the HALO MiniVert Grip is a good option. This vertical foregrip (VFG) from Tyrant Designs features a skeletonized aluminum frame to reduce weight yet still offer structural strength. It stands 2.75 inches tall, 0.8 inch wide, and weighs only 2.5 ounces. This VFG also has chamfered edges for a comfortable feel in hand and a lip extension for different grip styles. Available for both M-LOK and KeyMod systems. Made in the USA.

Make: Tyrant Designs

Model: HALO MiniVert Grip

MSRP: $56



Sure, they can be bulky and require batteries, but we like electronic earmuffs. They protect our hearing by attenuating the deafening fire of our boomsticks yet magnify normal sounds around us when our safety’s on. Walker’s recently released its latest pair of e-muffs, the XCEL 100. It features four modes: Universal for general sound amplification, Speech Clarity for enhancing voices in a noisy environment, Power Boost for amplifying sound across the range of volume, and High Frequency to hear the ping of your round hitting a steel target at long distances. Plus, it has an auto-shutoff function, wind-noise reduction, a new ergonomic headband, and a low-battery warning. Two AAA batteries are included.

Make: Walker’s

Model: XCEL 100

MSRP: $100



We’re so over the big belt buckle trend, especially the one that requires guys to tuck in only the front of their shirts like some sort of fashion mullet. We’re happy to see Graith USA come out with the Specialist, a low-profile EDC belt that could be worn with shorts, slacks, or tactical pants. Its minimalistic buckle is made of solid brass with a gunmetal finish and paired beautifully with 1.5-inch Mil-spec nylon webbing with a scuba webbing core and a hook-and-loop closure, allowing for micro adjustments. The Specialist isn’t a dedicated shooting belt, but it does balance stiffness and flexibility — providing daylong comfort and the strength to carry most of your EDC gear. Handcrafted in the USA.

Make: Graith USA

Model: Specialist

MSRP: $43



Keeping a blade sharp is the same as keeping your CCW pistol clean and loaded, lest you come up short in a life-and-death situation. DMT makes it easy for you to keep your knife’s cutting edge razor-like with its SLYDR-Sharp. This portable tool works like a two-sided boxcutter; slide one button up to release the file tool (which works on straight edges) or turn it over and push on the other button to use the rod (which works on curved and serrated edges). Both sharpeners are covered in diamond abrasives that can work on everything from knives and tomahawks to scissors and shovels.

Make: DMT

Model: SLYDR-Sharp

MSRP: $43




CRKT’s Forged By War is a series of tactical tools designed by veterans, with a portion of the profits donated to the charity of the designer’s choosing. The Du Hoc is one such example. This beefy karambit was designed by Austin McGlaun — who served as a cop in Georgia and with the 101st Airborne Division in Iraq — to honor the memory of his late uncle, who decades before earned the Silver Star. Made of SK5 high-carbon steel, the 5-inch blade has a plain edge while the handle features G10 scales and a sizable retention ring. It has a 9.625-inch overall length, weighs 9.3 ounces, and comes with a glass-reinforced nylon sheath.

Make: Columbia River Knife & Tool

Model: Du Hoc

MSRP: $135



A good headlamp goes a long way. Whether it’s helping you get back to basecamp after a long day of hunting or providing light while you fix a flat tire at night, this type of wearable torch can provide intense illumination while allowing you to move hands-free. The Petzl Tactikka Core is a lightweight, compact headlamp that puts out 350 lumens to 104 yards for up to two hours. It also has a 2-lumen red light to preserve night vision and stealth that can also by switched to strobe and be seen from almost a half-mile away for 350 hours. This hybrid light comes with a rechargeable battery, but also accepts three AAA batteries. Moreover, it has an IPX4 weather-resistant rating, so it’ll still work even if it’s raining or snowing.

Make: Petzl

Model: Tactikka Core

MSRP: $70


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