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Leica’s latest rangefinder combines the cleanest lens we’ve seen in a 7x magnification rangefinder with a 2,000-plus meter range and a tough, yet compact housing. We observed zero tint and excellent contrast that grabbed details out of the shadowy underbrush. We easily ranged tree lines and other terrain features out to 2,200 yards and a quick aiming evaluation showed the laser in perfect alignment with the unit’s crisp circular reticle when picking out smaller items of interest from 500 to 900 yards. This isn’t a range queen, so Leica hardened the 2400-R with a magnesium chassis, a submersible, carbon-fiber-reinforced housing. The unit offers line of sight or angle-compensated ranges with one-decimal fidelity out to 200 yards and a scan mode that returns ranges in half-second intervals.

Make: Leica

Model: Rangemaster CRF 2400-R

WEIGHT: 6.5 ounces

MSRP: $499



Law Tactical’s ARIC, short for AR Internal Carrier, is a drop-in bolt carrier replacement that lets your Law Tactical Gen 3 folding stock adapter-equipped AR run normally with the stock folded up. The dual sprung recoil system and abbreviated bolt carrier mate with the company’s folding stock system to retain the entire bolt carrier group and recoil system forward of the buffer extension tube. To ensure reliability, and to keep the price down, the ARIC uses your existing bolt, cam pin, firing pin, and retaining pin. The resulting gun runs without modification of the gas system thanks to some internal wizardry. Law says the system was tested extensively with .223/5.56/300 AAC calibers, including more than 10,000 rounds through an unaltered, suppressed Mk18 rifle.

Make: Law Tactical

Model: ARIC System

MSRP:  TBD (approx. $369)



Tight. Tight. Tight. That’s the only way to describe the fit on GGP’s new billet AR receiver sets. The parts are made from 7075-T6 billet and the machining is held to subatomic tolerances. Both the Light (AR-15) and Heavy (AR-10) versions feature ambidextrous bolt releases, flared magwells, integrated trigger guards, and nylon-tipped tension screws under the grip to fine tune the upper-to-lower fit. The Heavy follows the DPMS large frame AR pattern for compatibility with a wide range of components. We’ve been running GGP’s 6.5CM Grim rifle built on the Heavy set and based on our experience, we have no reservations recommending a build based on these receivers.

Make: Grey Ghost Precision

Model: MkII Billet AR Receiver Sets

MSRP: $399-$595



Leupold adds a new twist to the red dot market with its Freedom RDS. One version of the sight features a bullet drop compensation elevation turret calibrated for 55-grain .223 Remington cartridges and a 1 MOA aiming dot that work together to enable more precise aiming at longer distances than other red dot sights. The less expensive version retains the 1 MOA dot size, but has capped elevation and windage turrets for traditional set-and-forget operation. Both versions run ¼ MOA clicks and include an AR height, 34mm Picatinny rail mount. The sight also features motion sensing power management and are waterproof, fog-proof, and guaranteed for life.

Make: Leupold

Model: Freedom Red Dot Sight

MSRP: $390-$455



What do you get when you combine a butcher knife, a straight razor, and a pocketknife? We don’t know, but it certainly won’t be as cool as the Gerber FlatIron. This folding knife features a Wharcliffe 3.8-inch blade made of 7Cr17Mov stainless steel and a large, oval-shaped thumbhole for one-handed opening. It’s attached to a textured gray aluminum frame-lock handle that has a stubby low-profile pocket clip. (A G10 scale in desert tan is also available for an additional $5.) Despite the blade not having much of a point and the innate nature of frame-locks making it difficult to open the blade for those with medium to small hands, the FlatIron is an outside-the-box design that could fit your EDC needs if you’re looking for something sharp, fresh, and affordable.

Make: Gerber Gear

Model: FlatIron

MSRP: $37



There’s no telling how your day’s gonna go, but there’s a good chance you’ll be ready to tread wherever it takes you with Danner’s lightweight, waterproof duty boot. The Full Bore is a boot that’s barely heavier than a sneaker but a helluva lot burlier with a full-grain leather and water-resistant mesh upper. The nylon shank adds stability and the Vibram Fuga sole sounds weird, but it grips the ground like Air Jordan’s stick to a polyurethaned basketball court. Danner uses air mesh where it can to keep air moving so the foot rot doesn’t set in. The total package offers a good mixture of durability and agility, making it an ideal boot for tactical pursuits

Make: Danner

Model: Full Bore

COLORS: Black, Coyote

MSRP: $149



We all love high-speed training with our polymer pistols. Racking slides, mag dumps, quick reloads — there’s nothing quite like it. But that doesn’t mean we don’t fancy a wheelgun every now and then. They’re accurate, low-maintenance, and every bit as powerful as their semiauto siblings. Grizzly Cartridge Co. makes all sorts of revolver ammo, including the .45 Colt +P. These 300-grain bonded core flat point rounds have a velocity of 1,225 feet per second and come 20 in a box. They’re compatible with large frame wheelguns like the Blackhawk and pre-2005 Vaquero, as well as modern Model 1892 lever-actions and all Winchester and Marlin 1894s.

Make: Grizzly Cartridge Co.

Model: .45 Colt +P 300-grain BCFP

MSRP: $30 per box of 20



Trayvax was among the first to create minimalist wallets that exploded the traditional leader bifold and trifold wallets that your granddaddy and daddy used. The company’s Armored Summit continues this modern wave. Similar to its original design, this model features two heat-resistant steel plates that offer RFID protection while conveniently sandwiching up to seven cards and five bills in a slim package. The plates feature a melonite finish for increased durability, an integrated money clip, a built-in bottle opener, and an attachment point, and they’re held together tightly by 1-inch Mil-spec nylon webbing. It’s made in the USA and comes with a 65-year heirloom warranty.

Make: Trayvax

Model: Armored Summit

MSRP: $33



As a supplier of eyewear and other ballistic protection to the U.S. military, Revision’s battlefield bonifides are well established. In 2019, the company launches its first line of eyewear for the civilian and it’s aimed squarely at the hunting and angling market. The Seeker (shown) is one of three styles that all feature distortion-free lenses with Mil-spec ballistic protection, anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings, polarization. The shades are remarkably light, and we found they stay on our face during vigorous activity. Each set includes a fleece-lined nylon bag with an attached microfiber cleaning cloth and an airtight drybag that acts as an air-cushioned protective case that takes up almost no space when not in use.

Make: Revision Outdoor

Model: Seeker Sunglasses

LENS TINTS: Slate, Cedar, Crimson

MSRP: $279



Reptilia’s new Close Quarters Grip for the AR platform was purpose-built to serve on 300 AAC caliber, AR-pattern PDWs, and SBRs. The steeper grip angle, beavertail, and thoughtful texturing on the front and backstrap provide solid purchase on guns that are run closer to the body. The grip is molded from a high-strength reinforced polymer and fits AR-15/M16, AR-10/SR25, and SIG MPX/MCX firearms.

We have one on our MPX and our impression of the grip is good. Compared to Magpul’s MOE-K grip, it’s a few degrees steeper, a bit thicker from side-to-side, about the same width from front-to-back, and adds a beavertail that allows a more choked-up grip.

Make: Reptilia

Model: CQG

MSRP: $20



The silencer experts at TBAC enter the bipod market with a product that appeals to competitive and military precision shooters. Clearly, speed of employment and ruggedness were at the top of the TBAC bipod’s design brief. The legs snap open to 90 degrees by simply pulling them into position. Each leg has a second, 45-degree forward position accessed by buttons on the inside of the leg hinge. Swapping from the included rubber feet to optional spiked feet and/or leg extensions is done in a few seconds with a novel, tool-less QD system. Leg height is set by releasing the spring-loaded inner legs. We dig the bipod’s wide stance and can vouch for its stability after running it for a few weeks leading up to press time.

Make: Thunder Beast Arms Corporation

Model: Bipod

MSRP: $345



Try as we might, we can’t get the cobra belt buckle to match with our entire wardrobe. No amount of shiny wingtips or blinged-out cufflinks will mask the fact that this style of tactical belt buckle just doesn’t look good with our boardroom or church pew attire. Enter the Gun Belt 01 from 1971 Gunleather. It’s handcrafted from reinforced 100-percent American heavy native steer hide, meaning it’ll warm up and mold to your body over time. Plus, it’ll never snag, break, or stretch. Most importantly, it provides the rigidity needed to carry your handgun on a daily basis. Oh, and it’ll look damn good whether you dress up in a suit or stay casual with a pair of jeans. Available in classic brown and stealth black colors.

Make: 1791 Gunleather

Model: Gun Belt 01

MSRP: $60



Camelbak’s new tweener pack puts 1830 cubic inches of storage on your back. The Sparta is a bit smaller than the company’s military mainstay, the Motherlode, putting it in the realm of a large raid-sized pack. It’s got an unpadded waistbelt and a bevy of internal pockets for organizing your stuff. It also features a brand-new military reservoir called the Crux. It’s a ruggedized version of Camelbak’s commercial lumbar reservoir with a larger tube that provides 25 percent more water flow. New across all Camelbak’s 2019 model packs is a subtle tweak to the laser-cut PALS webbing. The slits have an offset, triangular shape, making it easier to feed straps through.

Make: Camelbak

Model: Sparta

CAPACITY: 30 Liters

COLORS: Black, Coyote, MultiCam

MSRP: $223-$246



We don’t know if Mechanix Wear is trying for some Jedi/Sith sorta thing or what, but the company put out a limited-edition set of gloves it’s calling the Light vs. Dark 2-Pack. The set includes one pair each of FastFit gloves in MultiCam Black & MultiCam Alpine camo. The FastFit MultiCam Black are your temperate weather, touchscreen-friendly choice, while the MultiCam Alpine are fleece-lined for added warmth. Both styles feature stretch-elastic cuffs, nylon carrier loops for storage, and TrekDry material on the back of the hand.

Make: Mechanix Wear

Model: Light vs. Dark 2-Pack

MSRP: $25



Perhaps you’ve been pining for a way to put an aftermarket or light laser on your tiny Glock 43, Sig P365, or S&W Shield. Provided you’ve found a suitably statured accessory, Recover Tactical has the last piece of the polymer puzzle with its line of clamshell rail adapters that fit over the frame and forward edge of the pistol’s trigger guard and screw together to form a teeny little pic rail. The company’s also got a novel magazine base plate with a built-in retention clip built that hooks on a pants pocket pretty well. Those are coming for the mini pistols mentioned plus Glock’s 17, 19, and 21.

Make: Recover Tactical

Model: Magazine Clip & Picatinny Rail Adapters

MSRP: $10-$28



When we head out on the road there’s one thing that always comes with us, an Atom LT jacket. It’s a warm outer or midlayer that takes up barely any room at the bottom of a pack. Arc’teryx updates the Atom this year with synthetic Climashield Combat continuous filament insulation and an air-permeable liner that increases breathability compared to the original Atom LT. Visible updates include replacing the interior chest pocket with an exterior pocket, pass-through cable routing channels, and a trimmer fitting hood. The hoody is part of a Gen 2 update that spans the Atom line, including a similarly updated jacket, vest, and pants.

Make: Arc’teryx

Model: Atom LT Hoody LT Gen 2

COLORS: Black, Croc, Wolf, Ranger Green

MSRP: $269



The weather outside is frightful, but Unity Tactical’s cold weather liner will make your helmet something close to delightful. Its micro-fiber fleece takes up very little room, keeping you warm while avoiding the gomer look you get when wearing a beanie under your lid. The close fit also maintains proper protective shell coverage, alignment of night vision goggles and comms gear. The liner is held in place using the same Velcro dots used to hold the helmet’s pads in place, so installation takes just seconds. The fleecy goodness covers well down to your ears and the back of your neck. It’s made in America, so it should warm patriotic grunt’s hearts as well as it warms their heads.

Make: UNITY Tactical

Model: Cold Weather Helmet Liner

MSRP: $95


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