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International Affairs: Migrant Report

Robert Young Pelton advises us there's a new Libyan ground network functioning as a news service on global migration and other international affairs — Migrant Report. Functionally similar to other news feeds we've seen from Somalia, Iraq and other places in the past, Migrant Report will present breaking stories and critical information on trending issues (such as ongoing private rescue efforts in the ‘Med Crisis‘) as well situations ignored or only marginally covered by mainstream media outlets. It is described as “…an online project designed to track, centralize and examine the impact of human movement,” with a primary focus on the Mediterranean.

Check out this story about the increasingly tenuous relationship between Italy and Libya, and how it has impacted human trafficking, smuggling and the fight against ISIS.

Yes, those do appear to be technicals parked on the deck of coastal vessels to provide some sort of armament.

Categories of the news site include Security Beat, Policy Watch, Relief Scene and others.

Migrant Report

You can rest assured there will be many stories not covered with any depth (if at all) here in the US. Whether you watch the BBC, i24 News out of Israel, Al Jazeera, Al Arabiya, a combination of these or some other news source, it looks like Migrant Report will be a good resource to add to the lineup.

Migrant Report is online here, on Facebook here and has a YouTube channel right here.

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