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Introducing the KE Arms KP-9 Monlithic Polymer Reciever

Not long ago we tested the durability of the KE Arms KP-15, Full-Auto-Friday Style (watch on RECOILtv here). The results were a complete lower receiver weighing 10 ounces less than the average assembled aluminum lower, and held up against the heat. The success of the AR-15 version has now led to the creation of a 9mm monolithic polymer lower reciever: the KE Arms KP-9. Soon to be available, and currently up for pre-order, these lightweight 9mm lowers.

KE Arms KP-9 digital

For the Full Release:

KE Arms is pleased to announce the KP-9 Monolithic Polymer Receiver.  The KP-9 combines the features of our highly successful KP-15 Monolithic Polymer Receiver with our billet KE-9 Glock magazine compatible lower to make a lightweight, highly durable, cost effective pistol caliber carbine lower.

The KP-9 accepts Glock 17/19 magazines and comes with an adjustable steel ejector making it compatible with a wide range of blowback 9mm AR15 uppers.  The magazine release is ambidextrous as standard for right and left handed shooters.

KE Arms KP-9 3d render

Tooling is scheduled for completion in Mid-July 2021.  Production is estimated to begin in August 2021.

The KP-9 will be available in several configurations

  • Stripped: Includes all proprietary parts needed
  • Mil-Spec: Complete with Mil-Spec Fire Control Group and 9mm 5.4oz Heavy Buffer
  • SLT: Complete with Sear Link Technology Trigger.  Sear Link Technology makes these triggers particularly more durable in pistol caliber carbines as there is no traditional disconnector for the hammer to be driven through.  This unit also includes an ambi selector.
  • REKLUSE: Complete with RTS-1 REKLUSE Trigger. The RTS-1 REKLUSE is the next generation Sear Link Technology Trigger with an improved sealed housing and full power hammer spring for increased reliability with combloc primers.  This unit also includes an ambi selector

Limited Run of 500 OD Green KP-9s will be produced in 2021.  They will all be sold as this model with the RTS-1 REKLUSE Trigger.

KE Arms KP-9 rendering

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