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Invisibility Cloak Camo – coming to a retailer near you?

A true “cloak of invisibility” – perhaps the penultimate possible development in camouflage – would have unmatched potential for battlefield/tactical/surveillance use. Canadian company Hyperstealth advises their “Quantum Stealth” technology, which uses ‘light bending material' is the next best thing to that Elvish Cloak you found in the dungeons beneath Frandor's Keep. According to Predator Intelligence, they are also considering making a “dumbed down” version of this technology available to civilians if it is not chosen by the U.S. military.

What is Quantum Stealth? The company says, “This material cannot be seen visually (nor the target it is hiding) and current optical technology is not going to help you find them either in the day or night – now that’s a scary world.”

One would assume the U.S. military would pounce on a true invisibility-camouflage option like a duck on a junebug. Once cannot apply logic to Big Army decisions, however – one would have assumed theyd never have adopted the UCP (Uniform Camouflage Pattern) for anything other than wargames conducted inside a Clothing Sales full of UCP ACUs, but they did. This of course assumes Quantum Stealth works as advertised; but it's worth noting that some very trustworthy people aver it does.

In any case, it may be available soon to the everyman – you can read the entire story over on Predator Intelligence.

Hyperstealth Quantum Stealth in use

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