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Issue 43

In just four short months, team RECOIL will be headed to the Hunter Games. I hope you’ll join us for what should be a fun, exciting, and one-of-a-kind event. Whether you hunt with a rifle, shotgun, or bow, you’ll find a competition to test the skills you’ll take to the field in a realistic setting. Hosted at Rockcastle Shooting Center on September 20-22, we’ll be joined by top shooters, media, and companies from the firearms and hunting world.

We’re big advocates of using black rifles for putting meat on the table, as nothing undercuts the mewling simpletons who claim you can’t use an AR for hunting quite like passing them a piece of jerky from the deer you tagged with one. In that spirit, there’ll be an additional prize for anyone who shoots the rifle match with both a bolt gun and a gasser. If you really want to test your versatility, join me in all three events for the title of Ultimate Carnivore.

We all know hunting isn’t just about pulling triggers, so in the spirit of community you’ll find around the fire at hunting camp, there’ll be good food, whisky, cigars, and conversation, as well as new gear to play with. If you can’t make it (and I can’t think of good reason not to), check in with us on social media as we livestream and post updates. See you there.

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