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Issue 45

Despite what hyperventilating bobbleheads on cable news might lead you to believe, the most dangerous part of shooting is the car ride to the range. Statistically, you’re far more likely to use a first-aid kit than your CCW, yet oftentimes we pay lip service (or less) to training with the former, while devoting countless hours to obsessing over the latter. So in this issue, we decided to tip the balance a little. No, it isn’t as sexy as the Army’s next-generation squad automatic weapon (though we do have a breakdown of their latest subgun), but for the majority of us, learning to prevent blood loss, manage an airway, and prevent further injury is time well spent.

It’s probably fair to say that the majority of our readership would, in the vernacular of the day, self-identify more as rugged individualists than being reliant on the all-encompassing powers of the state. Being your own first responder is part and parcel of that mindset. See someone bleeding, stop it. See something on fire, put it out. See someone who needs shooting, shoot them. Or call 911. And wait. As contributor Aaron Adams points out, in a mass-casualty event, it’s going to be around 25 minutes before the cops and paramedics show up, and even then, they might not be able to get to you. So what are you going to do in that situation? Just sitting there and bleeding is a temporary, though self-correcting option.

Elsewhere in this issue, we’ve introduced a couple of new columns, one of which emphasizes software over hardware, while the other riffs on the things we do after we’ve put in work, whether paid or on our own time. Dan Brokos will be delivering the goods with his “Drill of the Day,” and we’ll be visiting both carbine and handgun skills in coming months. I tried the current drill on my last training session, and it took a couple of attempts to hit the standard, so use it to challenge yourself. If you want to see the drill on screen, check out the episode on RECOILtv. Afterward, you might want to wash the powder residue from your throat with a glass of the brown nectar featured in Tom Marshall’s column, where we’ll be showcasing wares from a variety of veteran-owned businesses, which span a spectrum of wares, centered on stuff we like to consume.

As always, we’ll continue to give you guys the kind of content you demand, so if you have an idea for something you think we should cover, drop us a line or hit us up on social media. I look forward to hearing from you.

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