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Jason Schauble Leaves SilencerCo

Jason Schauble resigned from his position as president of Utah silencer manufacturer SilencerCo. A spokesperson for the company cited a family health issue as the reason for Schauble's departure. Schauble was promoted to the role of president of SilencerCo in April 2017 after serving three years as the company's Chief Revenue Officer.

Addressing rumors surrounding the nature of Schauble's resignation, SilencerCo spokesman Chris Conran was blunt.

“Jason wasn't fired,” said Conran by telephone. “He was an exceptional employee at SilencerCo.”

When asked what triggered Schauble's departure, Conran said, “It would not be very respectful to discuss the particulars, but, it is a personal, family matter. We understand the importance of this family matter because it's Jason; he was like family with all of us.”

When asked about a successor, Conran was unable to comment on the company's plans to fill the vacant position.

Schauble held executive-level positions at companies in the firearms industry since 2008. His resume includes roles as vice president of Remington Defense and as president of the firearm technology company TrackingPoint.

RECOIL's Rob Curtis contributed to this report.

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