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Jep Robertson is now one of The Suppressed

Jep Robertson is now one of The Suppressed — he has joined SilencerCo's movement. Robertson, youngest bearded scion of the famous Duck Dynasty and Duck Commander family, joins professional mountain bike freerider Cam Zink and (just as importantly) thousands of less famous but equally savvy people who understand guns don't need to be loud.

As you'll see in the video, SilencerCo traveled down to the bayous of Louisiana to visit the man who says he was, “…born with a shotgun in my hand.”

Robertson is all too aware of how loud “social shooting” can get. As you can imagine, there are times when the ‘First Family of Duck Hunting' has a whole crowd of shotguns talking at once.

According to SilencerCo the Salvo 12™ has been a staple of the Duck Commander arsenal since it came out.  They advise,

“After making his first SilencerCo purchases and learning about the Fight the Noise campaign, Jep – an already outspoken advocate for gun rights – decided to add his voice to the movement. “



SilencerCo can be found online here. You can also follow them on Instagram or on Facebook; their YouTube Channel is right here and you should probably also be paying attention to the American Suppressor Association.

Need a trust? Check this out:

You can learn more about Jep Robertson here online or follow him on Twitter.

Jep Robertson Joins The Suppressed 2


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