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Jihad 2.0: Hamas, Al Qaeda and the Islamic State

This isn't our typical fare, but although it's a few months old it remains timely and of supreme importance.  If you have time, listen to this enemy threat doctrine of jihad; it's only a quarter hour synopsis of what is normally a an all day or multi-day seminar. Now, you should know ahead of time. This isn't a clip from some “mainstream media source” with sensational imagery from dangerous place in faroff Araby. This is a sobering look at the reality of ISIS – at  how they've managed to recruit foreign fighters more successfully than even Al Qaeda, at the existential nature of the threat and why they are more of a threat than AQ was at the height of its power.

Dr Sebastian Gorka, seen in this video speaking at the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism's 14th International Conference, is the National Security Editor for and is the Major General Matthew C. Horner Distinguished Chair of Military Theory, MARINE CORPS UNIVERSITY. Follow him here: Twitter: @SebGorka.

Here is some more of his commentary on the Counter Jihad Report.

Also check out the Council on Global Security.

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