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Johnny Custom Glocks – The Glock Whisperer

The aftermarket for Glock triggers is a busy street corner that shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. We’ve put our booger hooks on all kinds of bang switches for the quintessential polymer pistol. The plug-and-play nature of these triggers, and the popularity of them as an independent market is such that many companies sell them ready to drop in with the push-pull of a couple pins.

The ease and convenience of this are undeniable. However, the improvements offered by pre-configured trigger packs are typically averaged for what each manufacturer thinks the market wants. Whatever trigger specs are on the shelf in blister pack when you place your order is all you have to choose from.

johnny glocks 2

Enter Johnny Custom Glocks, AKA The Glock Whisperer, named for his unique approach to aftermarket triggers. While he does have drop in units (more on that below) his signature trigger is not so much a trigger, but more of a service. After you place your order, you will actually call Johnny on the phone. Yes, it’s him. Not an assistant or an intern or a sales rep. You’ll speak to the man that will make your trigger.

During your phone call, he will discuss with you the specific characteristics you want in your trigger: pre-travel, over-travel, reset, break weight, and so on. He will then build a truly custom trigger based on the specifications you give directly to him. In fact, if there’s a particular trigger shoe you prefer– be it straight or curved or polymer or titanium, you can send it to Johnny and he will use the shoe of your choice in your personalized trigger.

johnny glocks 4

Johnny was graciously willing to talk with the author and provide an example based on his personal preferences. For our sample, we wanted a highly refined duty trigger. The specs we gave Johnny were:
-Approximately 1/8 of an inch of pre-travel
-After pre-travel, dead stop against a hard “wall”
-4 LB break
-Zero over travel
-Aggressive, tactile reset

Interestingly enough, Johnny was able to guess the author’s professional background based solely on the trigger characteristics he requested. An interesting party trick that speaks to the genuine and specific difference in needs depending on the intended use of your pistol.

johnny glocks 3

The product that showed up met our specs almost exactly. There is a small set screw in the back of the housing to fine-tune pull weight. The author is naturally leery of set screws in triggers as there’s always a risk that they can gradually work loose, altering the pull weight and/or total functionality. But after nearly 7,000 rounds through this particular sample, we’ve had no such issue. Our trigger continues to trip a digital gauge between 3.8 and 4.2 pounds with boring consistency. We haven’t cleaned, lubricated or serviced it and have yet to experience a hiccup.

johnny glocks 1

For those who aren’t interested in their own one-off trigger, Johnny Custom Glocks does also have pre-configured kits for both competition and defensive use, including triggers for the G42/G43 as well as Gen5 triggers. For more information visit

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