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Keepers Concealment “Errand” Holster

The Spencer Keepers Errand (so named by Craig Douglas of Southnarc) is for smaller CCW type pistols like the Glock 42 and other single stack .380s and 9mms. It was designed to work with drawcord-equipped garments as well as belts.

Says the designer,

 “As the name implies, it's about running to the store, gas station, Jujitsu practice or taking the kids to soccer…the Errand is built for those times when you just want to carry a smaller gun, quick on, and quick off.  With years of knowledge gained from training, teaching, talking and building  appendix holsters, we have put lots of that knowledge into the Errand such as the holster length being longer than the gun, and features from the Keeper such as soft Velcro foam pads and closed muzzle end.  The Errand is a very minimalist holster with a thin profile.”

MSRP $89.99; learn more (or buy one) here.

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