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Kestrel Ballistics Expands Product Lineup for 2019

Whatever your niche, Kestrel Ballistics has something new for you in 2019.  Kestrel is unveiling two new products: the Kestrel HUD(Heads Up Display) and the Kestrel Ballistics 2700.

Kestrel HUD

Kestrel HUD

HUD Remote

HUD Remote

The Kestrel HUD is a weapon mounted system designed to provide shooters with increased confidence and visibility in fast-paced match situations by providing clear and critical data in the shooter's line of sight. Features of the Kestrel HUD include:

Single Target Screen: Displays accurate firing solution along with details about both the target and the environment

10-Target Display: View up to 10 targets without breaking out of your scope

Large Font Options: Shooters have better visibility with an enlarged, clear, easy-to-read screen

DOPE card access: Convenient eye-level access to your data allows you to ditch the sleeves

The Kestrel HUD will retail for $399.

Kestrel 2700

Kestrel 2700

Kestrel is also introducing the Kestrel 2700 Ballistics Weather Meter. The 2700 provides shooters with all of the accuracy and reliability they need to make consistent hits down range but in a more affordable package. The 2700 combines wind and weather measurements on site with an accurate ballistics solver to give shooters the data they need to make confident, clean shots on the first round. Features of the 2700 include:

Accurate Environmentals – Measures wind speed and direction, temperature, and altitude

G1/G7 Ballistics Solver – Large library of independently tested bullet data

User-Friendly – Simple 3-button operation and Easy Mode step-by-step guidance on getting

Rugged, All-Weather Durability — IP-67 Waterproof, MIL-STD-810 drop-tested, and backed by 5-Year Warranty

Protective Slip-On Cover– Slides over the entire unit for added durability

Load & Go Convenience–Set up in the gun profiles via the app, then leave your phone behind –the 2700 is fully functional as a stand-alone field tool

App Supported Option with LiNK – Easily build, store, and transfer gun and bullet data to and from unit

The Kestrel 2700 will  retail for $179

Kestrel HUD

Kestrel HUD

From Kestrel:

Kestrel Instruments & Ballistics Meters are designed, built and tested in the USA by parent company, Nielsen-Kellerman. Renowned for their accuracy and reliability, Kestrel meters and data loggers are the preferred tool for environmental monitoring by professionals in firefighting, military, meteorology, athletic heat stress management, and other demanding markets. Employed by thousands of users in hundreds of challenging activities around the world, all Kestrel meters are compact, rugged, IP-67 waterproof, MIL-STD-810G drop-tested and backed by an industry-leading five-year warranty.

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