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There is not much more epic a struggle than a former Kung Fu renegade cop fighting to stop the most evil Kung Fu master of all time – Adolf Hitler, aka the Kung Führer. Throw in a “hacked” trip back in time so in addition to fighting an army of Nazis, he also has to deal with Viking shield maidens, Norse gods and dinosaurs – all with 1980s tech. I love this trailer, and apparently I'm not alone – the Kickstarter raised over triple the amount they were going for.

“Hitler. He's the worst criminal of all time. I need to kill him.”

That's pretty succinct.

Laser Unicorn - Kung Fury - Shield Maiden

Laser Unicorn - Kung Fuhrer

Here's a still shot from one gripping scene of the movie, and yes. That is a Kung Fu former renegade cop and a Viking shield maiden with an Uzi riding a T-Rex. If there's a better way to have fun while channeling 80s movies like Wanted Dead or Alive, Lethal Weapon Commando, Cobra, Above the Law, Death Before Dishonor, Extreme Prejudice and so many others, well…I don't know what is.

Laser Unicorn - riding a T Rex to battle

The movie will be coming from writer/director David Sandberg of Laser Unicorns. You can follow him on Instagram right here; oh, and you can still back the flick, if you're so inclined; you can do so right here.

The movie website is online here and on Facebook here.

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