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Lancer Now Shipping L7AWM 7.62×51 Magazines

Lancer developed the L7 Advanced Warfighter Magazine (L7AWM) for 7.62×51/.308 ammunition as an improved design following the popularity of their L5AWM Magazine for 5.56/.223 Rem. They have now begun shipping out the new L7AWM with versions for 10 and 20 round capacity.

Lancer L30 Heavy Metal

The L7AWM magazine is manufactured in the United States with a lightweight hybrid steel and polymer design. The body of the magazines is an impact resistant polymer with texturing for easy purchase and straight internal geometry. A stainless steel feed lip is a durable platform for feeding ammunition. The steel wraps around the magazine with an insert molded front guard to ensure stiffness and minimize long term wear and tear from heavy firing.

Lancer L7WAM

The L7AWM 7.62×51 Magazines are compatible with multiple rifle platforms chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO and .308 Win, including Lancer's own L30 Rifle Series. In addition to the 10 and 20 round models, they will soon be releasing a 5 round option. Additional features include a stainless steel spring, controlled tilt follower, and a convertible drain in floor plate lock that can be opened to shed water or kept closed to block dirt and debris, depending on the conditions.

Lancer L7WAM Black

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As with the L5AWM Magazine, the new 7.62 model is offered in multiple color options including Clear, Smoke, Black, and FDE with Opaque and Translucent variants. The L7 Advanced Warfighter Magazine is now available for purchase direct through Lancer and authorized dealers.

Lancer L7WAM Clear 10 Round

Lancer L7WAM FDE 10 Round

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