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AfterSHOT: Lancer’s New Sig MPX Carbon Fiber Rail

The SIG MPX has a ton of potential to be  a great gun. Third party support is slowly beginning to develop. One of those companies is Lancer Systems, who debuted a new carbon fiber rail designed exclusively for the SIG MPX 9mm.

The Lancer rail is 50% lighter than the factory rail without compromising strength. Lancer expects to begin shipping the rail near the end of the 1st quarter.  It will be available in 8″, 10″ and 14″.


The biggest advantage to the Lancer rail is weight savings. The 8″ rail for example weighs in at a mere 4-ounces. With a gun that is a little front heavy suppressed, this rail will help balance things out.

Whether you have a Gen1 or Gen2, this rail is compatible with both and for those who want to add attachment points, the rail will accommodate Lancer's existing rail accessory line.

At this time, Lancer declined to provide an MSRP, but based on my experience with Lancer, I imagine it will be in the $250ish range.

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