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Lanxang Tactical’s Battle-Tested Rifles

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Photo courtesy of Jawbone Media

Minutes outside of bustling Atlanta, Georgia is a quiet town with a rich background. Originally a watering hole for the railroad, Conyers traces its history back to the 1840s. Throughout the years the town grew to about 15,000 residents and was even chosen to host some of the 1996 Olympic events. Since 1998, Conyers has been the home to P&C Machine the parent company to Lanxang Tactical.

Lanxang Tactical began about four years ago with the idea of developing a rifle that was both battle tough and capable of extreme precision. P&C Machines, an aerospace CNC machining company with over 20 years in the business, wanted to build the best AR platform rifles available. The owner had already been supplying parts to other companies but wanted to be more directly involved in the firearms industry and create a higher quality product.


The new company was named: Lanxang Tactical. The name comes from the heritage of the owners of the machining company. Formed by a family of Laotian refugee’s, that escaped communist rule, and came to the United States to become citizens of a free country. The meaning of the term Lanxang derives from the history of Laos and can be translated as an army of a million elephants and white parasols.

The monarch of the people of Laos ruled for over 350 years until 1975 when the current communist government took control. The symbol used for the logo represents a strong and stoic elephant; representing the struggle of the Laos people to be free. This symbol is not allowed to be displayed in Laos as it undermines Communist control and would be considered a symbol of anarchy to the current government. The Lanxang Tactical logo is meant to represent a struggle of people to remain free even with overwhelming odds.


Photo courtesy of Jawbone Media

The owner of P&C machine approached a veteran from the 3rd Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment, Travis Lewallen. With a subject matter expert on the team, design of the first Lanxang Tactical rifle could begin. Travis runs day-to-day operations and is the head of design, sales, and marketing for the company.

Along the way, a former Marine Scout Sniper, Ryan English was consulted to evaluate the rifles. He was impressed with their quality and joined the team. Ryan performs testing of every rifle and ensures each passes strict quality controls for both reliability and accuracy.


Later, the company approached Rick Thompson, a former law enforcement officer. His experience with the FBI and DEA field teams gave Lanxang Tactical its technical expert and ballistician. He is responsible for overall production and hand builds every rifle one at a time.

No assembly lines and according to Lanxang, only the best parts are used. Most are designed and machined in-house and all are made to a very strict tolerance and from the highest quality materials. Some parts, such as the barrel, bolt carrier group (BCG) and trigger are not built in-house. Travis said, “they will probably never be built in-house for one reason; there are other companies that already build the best barrel, BCG and trigger. We source barrels from Lothar Walther, triggers from Geissele. And we rely on Jeff at Rubber City Armory for BCG’s. These are the best available and that is what is put into every rifle.”


Lanxang Tactical's LTE-42 5.56

Lanxang Tactical also sells individual components such as charging handles, hardened steel bolt catch releases, oversize magazine releases, hand-guards, barrel nuts, and gas blocks. Also now offering a precision scope mounts in both 30mm and 34mm with 20 MOA elevation.

Every part is designed to last a lifetime and come with a lifetime warranty. The rifles are guaranteed for life and also guaranteed to shoot 3/4 MOA or better with off the shelf match-grade ammunition. Each rifle is tested at the range for accuracy and reliability before shipping and comes with a custom soft case from Armageddon Gear.


Lanxang Tactical markets heavily to military and law enforcement but are available to the civilian market as well. Currently employed overseas, they can also be seen at various Precision Rifle Series matches, sniper competitions and 3-Gun events around the country.

Lanxang Tactical has been stacking up top placings in all of those forums. Most notably: 1st place at the Mammoth Sniper Challenge, Purgatory Sniper Challenge, and the 2017 International Sniper Competition hosted by the United States Army Sniper Course cadre at Fort Benning, GA.


Used during the 2017 International Sniper Competition, the Lanxang Tactical VLAD 34 helped the sniper team secure first place.

The rifles have been used for everything from defense to hunting to target shooting. Lanxang Tactical makes precision rifles in calibers: 5.56 NATO, 300 Blackout, 308, 6.5 Creedmoor and 260 Remington. In addition to rifles, they offer a 10.5-inch pistol in 5.56 NATO and a 12.5-inch pistol in 300 Blackout.


Cas-22 Precision Battle Rifle

Lanxang also offers a designated marksman rifle (DMR) rifle with an 18-inch barrel, labeled the CAS-22, chambered in 5.56 NATO. The special edition rifle honors a veteran and very close friend to the company. Sergeant Antouine “Cas” Castaneda served with 3rd Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment and Blackwater Worldwide. Sadly, Cas lost his battle with Post Traumatic Stress on July 23rd, 2015. In memory of him and the estimated 22 veterans that commit suicide per day, a donation is made to his family with the sale of every CAS-22 rifle.

Lanxang Tactical's mission is to design and build the absolute best battle rifles available. No cost is spared and every rifle is hand built one at a time. Combining a world-class CNC machining operation, Lanxang Tactical designs some of the industries top rifles. Travis has been noted as saying, “there are plenty of firearm companies out there building mustangs; we’re trying to build Ferrari’s.”

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