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Laser Sure-Grip Battle Belt from HSGI

Battle belts have come a long way by being more comfortable for the end-user and easier to configure. High Speed Gear (HSGI) is well-known for its 100% made in the USA tactical gear. We've been using an original sure-grip padded belt for years and have been impressed its durability. When he heard of the new laser-cut sure-grip battle belt, our interest was piqued.


HSGI's newer battle belt designs allow for an inner belt to be woven under and over the MOLLE panels at several points. So, if you don't need MOLLE, and instead want to run a TEK-LOK or a traditional holster, just bring the inner belt over that MOLLE panel position. Old school MOLLE webbing is replaced by laser-cut, proprietary 1000D Cordura laminate.


The design of a battle belt is notoriously more comfortable than a standard inner/outer belt combo. HSGI's proprietary neoprene padding gives the belt a cushioned feeling; even low-mass people can wear this belt without the burden of hipbone bruises after a long day of shooting. Additionally, the texture of the padding reduces movement of the belt while you're wearing it.


TACO magazine pouches are well-known by avid shooters for their dependability. It's difficult to drop a mag if it's secured in a TACO. HSGI offers a few variations of its TACO pouch, but we opted for the double decker, which is a rifle mag pouch and pistol mag pouch as one unit. TACO pouches are simple to set up and arrange on the belt– thanks to the HSGI clips that secure the pouches through the laser cut MOLLE.


The inner belt is a rigger's belt with a Cobra buckle and interior velcro. The interior velcro attaches to the velcro on the battle belt. This keeps the inner belt from sliding inside of the battle belt.


We couldn't find much to dislike about this battle belt, other than the same old issue that it's a pain to thread the inner belt through the battle belt; the velcro gets caught up. The workaround is to put a thin piece of plastic or strip of cardboard between the two and then push the inner belt through. We'd rather have this difficulty than have the inner belt constantly moving while shooting.

Other items we'll add to this setup are a dump pouch and a medkit.



Outer belt: MultiCam Black Laser Sure-Grip / MSRP: $119
Inner belt: Cobra 1.75″ Rigger belt with interior velcro / MSRP: $77
Magazine pouches: Double Decker TACO Molle /MSRP: $44
Holster: Blade-Tech Classic OWB Holster / MSRP: $79.99

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