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LaserLyte Glock laser training barrel

LaserLyte recently announced the LT-GM laser Trainer barrel for the Glock 19 and 23. They advise the Laser Trainer Barrel shoots a laser dot that simulates bullet impact, providing feedback to the shooter. It is apparently activated by sound when the trigger is pulled.


The training barrel slides on to your own Glock 19 or 23, but does not accept ammunition, and it's built with a red visual to make a safe training tool anywhere anytime. The red visual reminds you and others around you that the gun is unloaded and in safe mode. There is also a built-in cap that protects the firing pin from repeated dry firing.


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The LaserLyte LT-GM is 4 inches long and uses three 393 batteries. The battery life lasts about 10,000 ‘shots’, and the device as a whole weighs about 1.5 ounces. You can buy the training tool for $159.95 on the LaserLyte website or you can check out videos of some of their products in action on their Youtube page.

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