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LaserLyte Introduces Compact Trigger Tyme Laser Training Pistol

Cottonwood, Arizona's LaserLyte has announced the arrival of their new Compact Trigger Tyme laser training pistol. This version, a subcompact size designed for concealed carry training, is the approximate size of popular compact single-stack pistols such as the Smith & Wesson Shield and Springfield Armory's XD-S. The smaller size is recommended for users with a smaller grip, youths or any gun owner wishing to hone their concealed carry techniques and skills with a more compact pistol.

The Compact Trigger Tyme has a 5.5 lb trigger pull and produces a natural take-up and break just as a real pistol would. The training tool uses the LaseryLyte LT-PRO (not included with the product) that indicates where the bullet would impact with a red laser dot. The laser extends only .25″ from the pistol which allows the user to train from a holster, concealment or close quarters.

Compact Trigger Tyme Specs:

Weight:           10.50 ounces/.297 kg

Length:            6.00 inch/15.24 cm

Width:             1.00 inch/2.54 cm

Height:                        4.75 inch/12.06 cm

Material:         High Impact ABS Plastic

MSRP:              $49.95

The Compact Trigger Tyme trainer is also available in an exclusive Davidson's purple finish.

For more info on all the LaserLyte Trigger Tyme training pistols and their full line of products, log on to

LaserLyte Training Pistol 2

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