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LaserMax Announces “Native Green” Lasers

Rochester, NY, based LaserMax has been creating and manufacturing premium laser systems for the last 25 years. Last week they announced the debut of their new Native Green lasers. These green lasers are manufactured with a green laser diode as opposed to the traditional – stay with me here – diode pumped solid-state (DPSS) lasers, which are typically found in the average laser pointer. The new green laser diode is able to avoid many limitations of DPSS technology such as added weight, size and inefficiencies at high and low temperatures. The Native Green lasers emit a laser more easily visible to the naked eye, is more energy efficient and has a less complex construction.

“We predict that other laser companies will attempt to follow suit as soon as the advantages of this technology are understood,” remarked Jeff Mock, LaserMax’s VP of Engineering. “DPSS green lasers represent a dead-end technology that will soon be rendered obsolete.”

“LaserMax has been pioneering green laser technology for over 15 years,” added LaserMax COO Jeff Schlarbaum. “We couldn’t be more pleased to bring another cutting edge technology to consumers in the firearms market.”

LaserMax states the first products with the Native Green lasers will be from their Guide Rod Laser line and will most likely be shipping in late September. They also stated that the prices of the lasers will not fluctuate much due to the new technology. The Red Guide Rod Lasers currently retail from $349-$399 depending on make and model of your sidearm. The full details of their laser products line are available on their website at

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