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LaserMax Spartan Light-Laser

LaserMax recently introduced the newest product in their Spartan series: the Spartan Light – Laser. The Light & Laser packs the most visible light to the human eye in the visible light spectrum. The mint green LED light has paddle switches to allow the light to be dimmed from from 120 to just 4 lumens. The Light & Laser has the option of vivid red or daytime green laser beams and is powers by AAA batteries (included).

Heres what LaserMax tells us.

LaserMax Spartan Light-Laser

Featuring the latest in LaserMax's Spartan series it's the new SpartanLight & Laser, which installs in the preferred rail location for each operator's personal comfort and ease of use. Once anchored, Spartan maintains precision accuracy over extensive live fire.

Capitalizing on the most visible wavelength in the color spectrum, Spartan Light & Laser delivers 120 Lumens of ground breaking Mint Green LED Light and quickly adapts to a multitude of rail platforms with exclusive Rail Vise Technology. Lasers come in vivid red or daytime green. This is LaserMax's first offering that used readily available AAA battery. Spartan Light & Laser packs a vital target identification and illumination capabilities into the smallest housing available today. Protected by a 5 year warranty, the Spartan Light & Laser features a preservation mode that automatically deactivates the laser after a ten minute period of inactivity, safeguarding against unintentional battery drain. Dual electronic touch pads enable both left and right-handed shooters to activate the laser with ease. User programmable for a steady or high-visibility pulsed beam, Spartan is fully adjustable for windage and elevation, ensuring the most precise targeting over all shooting distances.

• Advanced mounting technology provides the perfect fit
• AAA Battery Powered
• Mint Green™ Light emitting diode adjustable from 120-4 Lumens
• Auto-off after 10 min preserves battery power
• Over-sized electronic touch pads ensure effortless activation
• Also available in red

If you're interested, you can get the Spartan Light & Laser here.

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