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LAV’s new “Turn it off” series

Larry Vickers of Vickers Tactical has started a new segment on the tactical series he's running on his YouTube channel. The new segment is called Larry Turns It Off. There doesn't appear to be any particular point to it – at least nothing more than making you wish you were out doing what he's doing instead of what you're doing. Though it looks like he's having a good time, my favorite part so far is the opening tune. I'm going to e-mail him and ask him to send it to me so I can use it as his ringtone.

Here's the first episode, in which LAV makes a delicious and healthy fruit smoothy.

Larry Turns It Off - 1

I'm going to be singing Larry turns it ooooofffff the rest of the day.

If you weren't already aware of it, LAV recently announced he was going to be running his latest show on the interwebz. Now you can access it on your computer or mobile device. More on that to follow.



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