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LC9 and LC380 Green Lasers (with holster) now available from Viridian

Viridian Green Laser Sights (Minnesota-based manufacturer of the REACTOR for “pocket pistols”) have been producing quality green laser sights for firearms for quite some time. Now you can get your hands on one for your Ruger LC9 or LC380, in the form of a complete sighting system with custom holster fitted specifically to your model of pistol.

The ‘Viridian Reactor 5 Green Laser' sight is a lithium-powered, “combat-grade” 532 nm green laser. This (in layman's terms) means that the color of the laser falls in the optimal center of the eye's visible spectrum and is easier than traditional red lasers to see both indoors and out. Viridian, one of the first (if not the first) to bring green lasers to handguns, attributes a large part of their success and reputation to this superior performance. Battery condition can be judged by a two-color ‘state of charge' indicator.

The new Reactor 5 also comes supplied with a custom fit holster for your LC pistol and is equipped with Viridian's Enhanced Combat Readiness or ECR. If activated, the ECR allows the laser to be left on, shutting it down when the weapon is holstered. As the user draws the pistol from the holster, the laser is reactivated and ready for employment. This eliminates any need to fumble with activation switches or buttons under stress.

According to the manufacturer, the Viridian Reactor 5 installs easily in minutes .

The full package containing the laser and the holster is available on Viridian's website and holds an MSRP of $219. Also keep up with their latest news and products on their Facebook page.

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