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Leica Launches New MRDS

Something brand new that Leica was showing off today at SOFIC was a new Micro Red Dot Sight (MRDS). It's much of what you'd expect from a new MRDS offering, but with some twists.
Details were scant, as these aren't even shipping quite yet, but here's what we know:
-Same foot print as a Doctor/Deltapoint/JP, though the body is .3-inches longer so it may not fit all mounts
-tactile clicks on windage and elevation
-battery swapping without optic removal
-Dot options in both 2 and 3 MOA
-auto off/auto awake to maximize battery life

Importantly, what Leica is already known for is present with their new MRDS: fantastic glass.
Many red dots and MRDS' have poor color rendition, refraction/magnification issues, or both. While a bluish tinge is visible on the edges of the Leica, it is far better than some others on the market. We couldn't find any refraction or magnification in the lens either.

MSRP of the new Leica MRDS is expected to be $599

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