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Liberty Ammunition Civil Defense .45 Long Colt

Liberty Ammunition manufactures lead-free ammunition in a variety of calibers.  The projectiles are nickel plated copper and have a pretty light weight for such high velocity handgun ammunition.  Liberty recently added .45 Long Colt to their lineup.  First created in 1872 for the Colt Single Action Army, .45LC remains in use by many hunters and sportsmen.

Liberty Ammunition had this to say about the new .45LC loading:

The new .45 Long Colt is a copper, monolithic, hollow-point fragmenting round with a weight of 78 grains and a velocity of 1800 FPS delivering almost twice the speed of the traditional round.

Liberty Ammunition's .45 Long Colt round is a powerful defensive round and well-suited for handgun hunters. It delivers less recoil than a traditional .45 Long Colt, taking the discomfort out of range practice and making the big bore caliber manageable for all levels of shooters. For revolver fans, the .45 Long Colt from Liberty Ammunition delivers power, speed, less recoil and lead-free attributes at about the same cost of traditional .45 Long Colt ammo.

1800 FPS is some serious velocity for a handgun cartridge.  It will be interesting to see how effective this ammunition is in field use.

MSRP is $34.99 for a box of 20 cartridges.  For more information visit Liberty Ammunition

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