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Life of Duty Memberships for Military and First Responders

The NRA is offering a free NRA Life of Duty Memberships to active-duty military, law enforcement and first responders. If you're a member of one of these groups, you simple sign up here. This is a great opportunity for those who serve in one of these capacities, so spread the word.

“This is a really cool deal,” says Alyssa Lair, on behalf of NRA's Life of Duty. “Not only because these individuals not only receive all of the standard NRA membership benefits for free, but also receive exclusive discounts on tons of gear…life insurance a free subscription to the NRA American Warrior magazine and more…it's such a good deal for this deserving group of individuals, and many of the brands that [RECOIL features] are contributing.”

It's a great way to honor what some would call our warrior caste this Independence Day, thinks RECOIL.

If you are unfamiliar with Life of Duty TV, their patriot profiles are just outstanding. This is a good one about ‘Outlaw Platoon' based on the book of the same name by then-Lieutenant Sean Parnell.

Alternately, given the tragic deaths of the firemen recently in Arizona, this one might seem more timely.

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