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Lighten Your Load With Git-Lite Bag Fill Material

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Using support bags has become the standard for anyone who has played in precision rifle sports over the past few years. An optimal support bag can provide front support, rear support or shooter support, adding stability to the rifle and/or shooter. This stability means greater precision, which equates to more rounds on target in a game where every shot matters. When a handful of points can separate a Top 5 finish from a Top 25 finish, the gear race continues every year.

Support bags are increasingly common for competitive shooters, hunters, and professional marksmen.

Whether rifle or pistol shooting, some techniques and equipment from the competitive shooting community find their way into tactical and hunting applications. Support bags are one piece of gear seeing proliferation on military missions and hunts around the world. Although incredibly beneficial, the downside to many bags is weight (some bags like the Armageddon Gear Game Changer and Warhorse Saracen bags weigh over six pounds.)

If you're not working from a truck or on a square range, anything heavy tends to stay behind if you must carry everything across terrain or travel to the area by air. While there are lighter weight versions of some of these bags, this savings comes at the expense of stability. For shooters wanting their favorite bag that is both stable and lightweight, enter the Git-Lite fill material by Precision Professionals.

When I was preparing for the 2019 Mammoth Sniper Challenge, everything in my match kit was reviewed for weight because I would be carrying it over 30 miles, and under time constraints. My friend Chris Gittings knew about my preparations for this match and called to ask if I wanted to try a prototype material he was working on– an alternate fill material for support bags.

Chris is both a top competitive shooter and experienced hunter, valuing the weight of equipment where it's needed and where it's not. He explained that he had been looking for quite a while to find the right material that saved on weight but provided the density and fill characteristics of heavier fill. What sold me during the call was when he said his formerly six-pound bag now weighed two and a half pounds, AND still provided the same stability as the original fill.

Git-Lite material

Game Changer original fill (left) vs Git-Lite fill (right)

Willing to take the chance for the weight savings, Chris sent me his personal Game Changer bag with the prototype fill material. I was able to get in a practice session before the match, validating his claims enough to bring the Git-Lite filled bag for the match. With the Mammoth Sniper Challenge being a “blind” event, you don’t know what kind of stages or challenges you have to encounter.

A regular Game Changer is my go-to bag for positional shooting and rear support but the weight was going to be prohibitive. Having this lightweight version was a confidence builder that I could tackle any shooting position my partner and I might encounter. After carrying the bag around and using it for the entire match, I was sold on the weight savings and stability claims by Chris. I found the bag did not compromise on performance as our team had the highest overall shooting score of the match. Unfortunately, the bag had to go back after Mammoth as it was the only one in existence.

Git-Lite in a Game Changer

Fast forward a couple months and Chris called again stating that his first production run of Git-Lite was going to be available soon for beta-testing then going live to the public. He sent me a pre-measured amount for a Game Changer and gave a few tips on how to fill the bag. The Game Changer design has a zipper that allows easy access to the fill inside.

I was able to remove the old fill without issue, then followed Chris’ advice to use a vacuum to clean out any stubborn beads remaining. Re-filling was straightforward, using a funnel for easy pouring. The original weight on the bag was almost six pounds, but now my Git-Lite equipped bag came in at two pounds. When you have weight on your back for matches, hunting, or professional work, three and a half pounds of weight savings is a significant number.

Git-Lite Package

With my own bag filled, I’ve spent the last two months utilizing the bag on the range. I’ve done both accuracy intensive load development work as well as precision rifle practice with the Git-Lite filled bag. By design, the Git-Lite material is designed to not squish when compressed like the heavier fill, allowing the fill material to settle and not bounce.

In comparison to another full weight Game Changer, I noted no accuracy difference and have been able to obtain maximum accuracy out of my rifles. When shooting off barricades, barrels, tank traps and other obstacles, even shooting my .308 rifle presented no problems making hits and being able to follow through on target to see the bullet’s effect on target. I've also been successful with my Git-Lite filled bag engaging targets and seeing bullet effects past 1-mile with my 6.5 PRC rifle.

300 yard group shot with Git-Lite filled rear bag.

While a normal PRS or NRL type match isn’t physically strenuous enough to require saving weight with your bags, other hike-and-shoot matches, sniper matches, the hunting and professional marksmen communities will see benefits in saving weight with their support gear.

The Git-Lite fill for your favorite support bag offers a technical solution that saves weight while maintaining the dynamics of your favorite bag. This material is exciting as the weight savings will offer options for accessories and bags that haven’t even been dreamed yet. Offered in a large fill (Game Changers, Saracen and similar sized bags) and small fill size (Mini Game Changer, Comanche and similar bags), pricing is at $59.50 and $45.00 respectively. Available here:

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  • Colleen Peleaux says:

    I would like to use Get-Lite to fill my camera support bean bag, and need to know the volume of the large and small bags. Thanks!

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  • I would like to use Get-Lite to fill my camera support bean bag, and need to know the volume of the large and small bags. Thanks!

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