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Lightfield Zombie Blaster Shotgun Ammo

Lightfield Ammunition has released a new shotgun round specifically targeting – you guessed it Zombies. Unlike your typical 00, slug or even bird shot, Lightfield's shotgun Zombie Blaster Ammo actually doesn't fire a projectile. It creates an intense concussion blast with a huge muzzle flash to “deafen, blind and the knock the brains right out a Zombie…guaranteed!”

Lightfield's Zombie Blaster ammunition is available in five round packs, and can be purchased in 12, 20 and .410 gauge.

From Lightfield:

NOTE: The Zombie Blaster Ammo™ is intended for Zombies only and should never be aimed or pointed at any human or animal. Lightfield wishes to also remind potential users please do not deploy this ammunition in close proximity of dogs as it will cause serious damage to their hearing.

Watch the very scary Zombie Blaster video (warning: video contains disturbing images if you or a loved one are undead):

Lightfield Zombie Blaster Ammo
12 Gauge: $12.95
20 Gauge: $11.95
.410 Gauge: $10.95

One response to “Lightfield Zombie Blaster Shotgun Ammo”

  1. sheb schebella says:

    That is a lot of money for firecrackers but, pretty cool none the less…

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