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Limited Supplies of Classy Coasters from Modern Arms

A set of coasters isn't something we'd usually get excited about. But, when we found out about the BLOC Spartan coaster set, our interest was piqued. The catch is that the supplies are limited and go on sale today, November 24th, at 12:30 pm EST.

BLOC Spartan 1

The BLOC Spartan coaster set from Modern Arms is elegantly masculine and smartly designed. The coaster set was designed by Multitasker Tools and manufactured by Bastion LLC for Modern Arms.

If you're familiar with Multitasker, the details of the BLOC Spartan coasters mirror the same high-end quality design of Multitasker multitools. The coasters are precision machined from SUS304 stainless steel and integrated to a solid carbon fiber fascia plate. Thanks to a bottle opener on each steel base, the coasters are more than just a preventative measure for residue rings.

BLOC Spartan 2

The BLOC Spartan coasters set includes four coasters and a CNC machined hard-anodized holder base. The initial production run will display the Modern Arms Spartan logo. The price tag for the set is $100.

Go to Modern Arms for more information:

BLOC Spartan 3

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