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Lockdown Vault Accessories – New Weapon Staging Options

Because most office furniture doesn't come equipped with a holster (though nothing with our readership surprises us), Lockdown Vault Accessories builds soem “after market options.” The recently told us about a product that can address this admittedly niche problem – they've also got something for your bed.

Here's what they want you to know.

Industry News: Lockdown Vault Accessories

Lockdown Under Desk Holster

The new Lockdown Under Desk Holster comes with four mounting screws to easily mount the holster to the underneath of nearly any desk. The Under Desk Holster makes it possible to conceal a handgun and a spare magazine or flashlight, while also keeping the firearm close for quick and easy access.

Lockdown Vault Accessories 3

Features Include:

  • Made of re-enforced backing for rigidity
  • 4.25” wide elastic holster holds handguns from compact semi-autos to full frame revolvers
  • Ambidextrous use

Lockdown Night Guardian Low Profile Holster

The new Lockdown Night Guardian Low Profile Holster is perfect for anyone who wants a lower profile bedside holster, but wants to maintain the accessibility the original Lockdown Night Guardian Holsters are known for. It is perfect for keeping a handgun, extra magazine and a flashlight readily available without having to unlock a safe in the middle of the night.

Lockdown Vault Accessories 1

Features Include:

  • Can be folded at different depths for holster height adjustment
  • 4.25” wide elastic holster holds handguns from compact semi-autos to full frame revolvers
  • Ambidextrous use

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