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LockedOn 360 Mobile Gun Vise

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LockedOn 360 told us recently about a mobile gun vise they describe as “perfect for youth hunters.”

Here’s what they told us about it.

LockedOn 360 Mobile Gun Vise

Successful hunters have been on hundreds of deer hunts, but every hunter knows that only a handful of hunts make meaningful memories. For example, the first successful deer hunt is burned into the memory of every hunter. The hunt that produced their “buck of a lifetime” is also unforgettable.

The ultimate unforgettable memory- the first time a young hunter – son, daughter, grandchild, child of a family friend -kills their first deer.

Until you do that, you only think you know all the things that can go wrong on a hunt. One of the most discouraging things that can go wrong for a young hunter is missing their first shot or worst wounding the game when the big moment finally arrives.

While nothing can be done about buck fever in a young hunter, the chances of a miss can be vastly reduced if the young hunter has a stable rest for the shot.

LockedOn 360 tip of the week: Take your youth to the gun range. Place a 22 or similar small caliber firearm in the LockedOn 360, give them great hearing protection and let them get comfortable shooting with a scoped gun. Build their confidence though different scenarios, distances and target sizes. Wait to introduce the larger caliber firearm once in the hunting stand.

LockedOn360 1


Since the LockedOn 360 reduces the recoil when properly used and the adrenaline kicks in during the hunt, your child will never think twice about the recoil or the loud noise and focus completely on the shot placement instead. We have found that it is best to let the child stand and shoot if they are not sitting at the proper height as well once in the stand. With a funny side note: We also find that the adult is more nervous than the child. So parents take a deep breath.

The most stable rest available in hunting today is LockedOn 360. LockedOn 360 is a multi-directional, rotating gun vise/rest that attaches to the railing of a blind or tree stand. Because it serves as both a rest and a padded vise that securely holds the gun, it is very easy for young hunters to use. The gun is always pointed downrange for safety, and is always in a position to be used with minimal movement.

Its padded vise and adjustable lock knobs keeps a firearm supported in place by also allowing even a young hunter to instantly adjust the angle of the gun up, down, left or right. Any shot from any angle becomes as steady as it would be from a bench rest, without the bulk of most bench rests. LockedOn 360 provides a combination of safety and target acquisition that no other gun rest on the market provides.

Precision machined for strength and durability, the LockedOn 360 has a design feature that makes it far more convenient in real-world hunting situations than other tree stands rests. The vise portion of the LockedOn 360 has a lower unit receiver that slides smoothly onto and off of the post at the top of the base. This gives the hunter the option of installing bases in multiple stands without having to buy a vise section for each one of them. The upper unit is light and small enough to carry to whichever stand you want to hunt out of that day, and it mounts on the base quickly and easily.

Because it's adjustable, the padded vise securely holds a wide variety of firearms and crossbows including small youth model firearms.  Firearms, crossbows, muzzleloaders, rifles and even hunting revolvers and single actions pistols will fit and stay secure using LockedOn 360.

When you take a young hunter on the most important hunts of a lifetime, why not do everything you can to make it a success?

LockedOn 360 Features:

  • Precision-machined for strength and durability
  • Smooth, quiet multi-directional rotation
  • Vise holds firearm securely at all times
  • Locking knobs hold gun in place when not in use
  • Reduces recoil
  • Boosts accuracy
  • Use one Mobile Gun Vise with any number of bases
  • Bracket to put your GoPro or Garmin to self-film
  • Optional universal bar-bracket mount for and tree stands with a railing

To learn more, please visit LockedOn360 right here.

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