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Lone Wolf Distributors Now Offering Online Tutorials

Priest River, ID based Lone Wolf Distributors recently announced a new endeavor; they now have online tutorials available. These promise to deliver short, to the point facts that will get us functional information as quickly as possible without a lot of derailment.

Here’s what they tell us about the Lone Wolf Distributors Online Tutorials:

Are you tired of sifting through hours of You Tube videos trying to find installation or Armory tips for your pistol? We have heard your complaints on those other videos; “Why do I have to listen to a guy ramble for 20 minutes before getting to the point?”, “Why do all these videos shoot from the front instead of from my perspective?”, “Can Lone Wolf do a better video than the other guys?”

Lone Wolf Tutorials 2

The answer is we can do a better video and we are excited to launch the first few that we have finished.

It is nearly impossible to show all the important details while filming traditional video. At Lone Wolf, we searched high and low and we ended up hiring a professional animator that formerly worked at Disney and Lucas Films. Animation is really the key to being able to show complex steps with the clarity needed for any viewer to understand.

We hope you get as much out of these videos as we put into them, we’d love to get your feedback on what videos you want next in the series.

Lone Wolf Distributors 3

Some of the tutorials consist of disassembly and reassembly instructions, safety checks, and adjustable trigger for Glock adjustments. You can see their current playlist in its entirety right here.  If you would like to be directed to their website, click here. You can also find them on Facebook right here, Twitter @lonewolfdist here, and Instagram, lone_wolf_distributors, right here.

They are inviting feedback for future videos. E-mail ‘[email protected]' if you want to weigh in with a suggestion or some feedback.

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