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Lone Wolf Releases the UAT, ‘Ultimate Adjustable Trigger’

Lone Wolf is known for their aftermarket Glock accessories. Barrels, slides, frames, guide rods, spirngs–you get the idea. One of the larger complaints many have had about the Glock is the “less-“than-ideal trigger”, which of course is a point of contention with those who believe Glock's trigger is the best stock production trigger out there. There are a ton of products, springs and gunsmithing available to address those complaints. This drop in trigger purports to be infinitely adjustable concerning take-up and travel, and most importantly, can be adjusted while it's installed in the handgun. No need to completely strip in order to adjust? Sign us up.




Per Lone Wolf Distributors:

Easily installed or removed. Completely drop in.
Innovative design is infinitely adjustable, eliminating trigger take-up and over-travel.
Fully adjustable while installed in your firearm. (Most competitors require trigger removal for adjustment.)
High polished trigger bar and satin aluminum shoe virtually eliminate friction.
UAT fits every Glock model, use with any Glock trigger bar

MSRP is listed at $74.95 which isn't too bad, you can nab one here.

Also, right now they're offering $25 off if you use the promo code shown below

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