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Looking back: Shotguns at SHOT Show

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There were a number of novel shotgun designs at SHOT Show 2015.  Some of them were older guns made under new ownership, others were new designs entirely. Since many of you will be looking at shotguns for a Spring purchase (or perhaps to drop hints in advance of Father's Day or Mother's Day) we'll take a look at a few today.

The Knoxx Sidewinder refuses to die, no matter how many times the design is sold to yet another company. Adaptive Tactical has either purchased or remade the magazine conversion kit for the Mossberg 500/590.  The box magazine design is new as is the fore end. Who needs a clear sight picture when you have a shotgun right? The original sidewinder was fraught with issues that required fitting and fixes by end users.  The good thing is I don't think this current incarnation could be any worse than the one I had in 2005.


The DP-12 Shotgun is pump action with two tubes and two barrels. The trigger gets pulled twice then action cycled. Both barrels cannot fire at the same time. The inside looks like a KSG, but rather than selecting tubes to feed, it just feeds from both tubes into their respective barrels with two separate elevators. I can't help but think of the Super Shotgun (double barrel pump action) from Quake 2 from the late 90s.  If only the ATF didn’t interpret one trigger pull firing two barrels at once as being a machine gun, this would be ready to gib some Stroggs. The balance is very back heavy with 2 bolts and the large steel receiver in the rear.



Kalashnikov USA had several competition oriented SAIGA-12 type shotguns on display. No mag wells, but otherwise looking decently outfitted. Will they be better made in the US? Hopefully QA will be better in any case and they will come with the right number of gas ports in the right size oriented properly in the barrel.




The Fostech Origin 12 Shotgun is finally in production and owner Judd Foster told me he is working hard to keep up with demand. Hopefully I will have one of these to review this year putting it through the ringer at some high round count matches. The drum holds 30 shells, and yes there is an optional cover for it.



From the makers of the UTAS-15 dual tube fed pump, comes these AR10 pattern shotguns.  They are gas operated.  The more basic looking model will be available first.  The unit with the large vent rib will be out later.  That model features reversible ejection for left or right handed operation and ambi controls.


MOA Precision has an Inertia operated 12 gauge AR upper for your DPMS pattern lower in the works.  Inertia operation when done right runs cleaner with a wider variety of ammunition than gas operation.  I shot with the owner at Ironman 3 Gun this past year.  If anyone can pull this off he can.  He knows the value of a reliable magazine fed 12 gauge in high round count 3 gun stages.  He promises to keep me in the loop and I may be shooting one of these this summer.


Have you seen or heard of any other shotgun designs you want us to check out or look into?

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