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Looking for CCW Revolver Input

What you see above are speedloader carriers for your pocket. They're made of leather by Purdy Gear.  It's one of the pieces of “revolver CCW gear” I've been looking at recently. I'm wondering if RECOIL readers have a line on other ideas, especially (though not limited to) reloads. Note that this isn't the lead-in to yet another revolver vs. semi-auto article. I'm firmly in the Paul Gomez “More bullets in gun equals more time in fight.” camp; which doesn't mean there's anything wrong with carrying a wheelgun (specifically a snubby, for me).

Between the fact that 1) I'm woefully out of practice with my S&W Airweight and 2) I hope to attend Ed Lovette's class in the Spring, I've begun brushing up on revolver knowledge and skills. Thus far I've been doing the obvious – slowly working my way through Michael Bane and Dave Spaulding DVDs, reading back through Tactical Professor and Revolver Science and of course going to the range.  Ultimately the best way to turn up manufacturers (of any kind) I've never heard of before is by word of mouth. That's how I learned of the fore-mentioned Purdy Gear, of Pitbull Tactical, even places like Growing up Guns, Bastion and Seamok “Skulldusters“.

I don't know how well the Purdy pocket speedloader carriers will work or hold up to use. I'm not sure if any of the custom Kydex manufacturers out there make a 5- or 6- round speedloader carrier for CCW. I don't know all the best places to read good perspectives on various aspects of hoplology; but I'm betting some of you do.

Please advise.

Michael Bane talking Pocket Pistols




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