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Lots Going On at SSVi

Things are getting downright frenetic at SSVi LLC. They're advising they're having trouble keeping up with demand — not to worry though, they are setting up a 10% discount code until restocked.


If you utilize BACKORDER when you check out you'll immediately receive a lower price. You won't, however, get your trigger for 4-6 weeks.

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You may recall RECOIL contributor David Merrill reviewing the SSVi Modern Day Mjolnir trigger last year.

As he reported,

Glock triggers are almost the most bemoaned part of the gun—right after the plastic OEM sights (which some lovingly refer to as, “dovetail protectors”). Admittedly, the factory option is no crisp, perfect, and clean Cooper-esque wet dream. There are a lot of gizmos on the market to address this perceived shortcoming. Springs, connectors, plungers, adjustable triggers, lightened firing pins, et al.

With the Tyr Trigger, SSVI took an offbeat path. They broke out their old science books and read up on leverage. By giving the trigger shoe a new contour, they were able to change the trigger travel and feel. The shoe of the Tyr Trigger (the part you put your finger on when you’re shooting) is only slightly curved. While all of the current rage is focused on flat triggers, a curved trigger helps self-center your finger for a consistent pull. The shallow curve of the Tyr Trigger sits almost directly below the trigger pin, so when you hit “the wall” of the trigger (when the safety plunger begins to depress), you’re beyond the pin. Thus the better leverage.

Compared to the OEM trigger, the difference was immediate. No, you don’t get the proverbial “glass rod” break but you do get very smooth trigger without creep. The trigger break is reliable and consistent. Damon described the Tyr Trigger as a, “light switch”: you give that bit of pressure, feel the resistance, and then it just pops. The trigger reset is nice and short as well.

Had you told me you could do this with just a different shoe, I’d have called you a liar.

You'll want to read the rest of that review if you're wondering if the SSVi trigger is worth it. Learn more online or follow SSVi on Instagram @ssvi_llc and Twitter (also @ssvi_llc). If you prefer, find them on Facebook, /SSVi.LLC.




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