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Lovette’s “Snubby Revolver” Class – Last Chance

Ed Lovette is the author of the best selling book The Snubby Revolver: The ECQ, Backup and Concealed Carry Standard.and coauthor of Defensive Living. He's a former CIA paramilitary officer and well known firearms instructor known for his expertise with a weapon many people (wrongly) regard as being outdated or only for those who're getting “long in the tooth”. According to Dave Spaulding of Handgun Combatives  (who probably needs no introduction here) Lovette is teaching this course just one more time before retiring. The class will be concentrating on “Optimal Snubby Skills (based on Citizen Involved Assaults and the OSS-CIA Program. It will be held in an indoor range in Hamilton, OH, 21-22 March 2015. Tuition is $400.

OSS-CIA is described as “…a program of instruction designed specifically for the lawfully armed citizen (AC) who wishes to enhance his or her personal security skills and their capability with the snubby revolver.” Course goals are

1) To Detect-Assess-Avoid-Evade-Counter and prevail in a criminal encounter
2) In the home, in their vehicle or on the street
3) With the snubby revolver should lethal force be justified
4) In a manner consistent with their state and local laws governing the use of force by a lawfully armed private citizen

More from the class description below.

Day 1.

The information presented in Day 1 of this course is based on an analysis of citizen-involved assaults from which we were able to determine the type (lone armed intruder) and location (AC’s residence) of assault the AC is highly likely to encounter. We also learned from our study that the handgun frequently used by the AC was a short barreled .38 special revolver. In addition we looked at each incident to see if we could determine a threat response pattern used by those AC’s who successfully defended themselves and their families when confronted by a lone armed intruder in their home. There is, in fact, a very simple sequence of actions that these citizens took, on their own, and usually without the benefit of any prior training. We will discuss our findings in class because what these courageous armed citizens did by using their common sense and true grit is the difference between winning and losing an armed encounter in your home.RECOILweb Lovette Snubby Class Opportunity 2

Day 2

In Day 2 we discuss the other two likely locations where a criminal assault might occur, the car and on the street. Mindful of the fact that we hardly ever seem to train for the fight we find ourselves in OSS-CIA will focus on the shooting skills, tactics and mindset that give the lone armed citizen the best chance to Detect-Assess-Avoid-Evade-Counter and prevail in a criminal confrontation. We will look at topics such as dealing with threats inside your vehicle, the importance of criminal surveillance awareness and what to do if you think you are being followed, and how what you wear may reduce your chance of serious injury and buy you time against a knife threat, in order to help the student better understand and deal with the anticipated and unanticipated complexities of personal defense in today’s urban environment. Students will participate in range exercises and tactical drills appropriate to the three threat locations which maximize the strengths the snubby revolver brings to extreme close-quarter encounters. They will be given the opportunity and are encouraged to work from whatever concealed carry system they normally use (fanny pack, pocket, ankle, etc.).

RECOILweb Jim Cirillo revolver

Jim Cirillo had to carry his pistols up front in later years due to a bum shoulder.
(Picture courtesy of Rich Grassi.)

Equipment required:

Snub-nose revolver
3 speed loaders
300 rounds of ammo, ball ammo is fine and saves the good stuff for personal protection
Hearing protection
Eye protection
Baseball cap
Folding “clip” knife capable of being opened with one hand (if you routinely carry one)
Flashlight (if you routinely carry one)
Concealment garment for handgun (shirt tail is fine)

The Lovette Snubby Revolver class is listed here on the Handgun Combatives website. Contact them at handguncombatives(at) for further information or to enroll.

On a personal note – if you're on the fence about going, go. I had the chance to spend some time with and learn from the late Jim Cirillo before he was taken from us, but it almost didn't happen. I was going to put it off “until the next time”. I did put off training with Col. Cooper and Louis Awerbuck and now I'll never get the chance. Gear and equipment breaks, wears our or is eventually rendered obsolete. Good training is forever, as is the chance to learn from those unique and talented individuals who teach us. Never pass up the chance to learn from an old gunfighter if you can help it.

RECOILweb Tactical Wire Editor Rich Grassi

Not a snubby, but I was looking for an excuse to use a picture of this crusty fella.

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