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LTT Discover: Langdon Tactical Aims to Help New Shooters

With all the unrest and uncertainty in 2020 and 2021, more Americans than ever have realized the critical importance of self-reliance and self-defense skills. Accordingly, firearm sales have shot through the roof — the NSSF estimates that 8.4 million new gun owners joined the fold in 2020, and 2021 has continued to keep pace.

Langdon Tactical Technology is well-known for its custom guns, innovative parts and accessories, gunsmithing, and training. Last year, LTT released the best red dot mounting system for the Beretta 92 platform on the market, and recently they rolled out their customized Springfield Armory Hellcats.

Now, Langdon Tactical is launching LTT Discover, an educational platform focused on carrying a firearm for self-defense, across LTT’s website and YouTube channel with educational videos, resources, fitness tips, and more. LTT felt that many existing resources have a tendency to cater to more experienced, seasoned, or tactically-inclined end users. In particular, LTT Discover is designed to welcome entirely new gun owners and those considering the purchase of their first gun, while still helping those who already have a carry permit and/or are more experienced.

LTT wants to help people to progress in their journey toward being able to confidently defend themselves in an effective and comfortable fashion and without intimidating them, wherever their starting point happens to be.

Ernest and Aimee Langdon discuss why they developed LTT Discover, in particular the challenges Aimee had in attempting to climb up the learning curve and adapting daily carry into her lifestyle, as well as how Ernest learned to help guide, coach, and teach new gun owners who may be starting from scratch.

Videos cover such topics as every day carry, choosing a gun, how to effectively conceal a pistol, how to choose a holster, how to deal with kids and pets, types of clothing, carry positions, physical fitness, and so on.

For example, Tessah of Armed and Styled helps a new shooter work out how to effectively conceal a gun, from placement on the body to different types of holsters and accessories such as wings and wedges.

She covers examining your body for peaks and valleys to determine a good and comfortable position to place your gun, then testing it with movement. She also notes common ways that guns reveal themselves underneath clothing, and how using accessories such as wings and wedges can pull the gun tight against your body for optimal concealment.

Tessah also outlines how various types of fabric choices in clothing can affect how well your gun remains concealed. Natural fabrics such as linen and cotton often provide excellent concealment, due to the way they drape and move on your body. Silk can work as well, as it can often slide easily over your gun. Some synthetic fabrics can work, but many cling to your body or catch on your gun during movement. It can take some trial and error to figure out what will work best for your situation and attire.

Ernest and Aimee talk about considerations in selecting a gun to carry for self-defense, including caliber, size, weight, action types, fit, ergonomics, and more:

There are many more videos, content, and resources on the LTT Discover website and LTT's YouTube channel.

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